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    hole call out from opposite side is incorrect

    Mark Fitzpatrick

      I noticed this back in 2012 and was told that SW wouldn't address the bug since they were now on 2015 software package. Well our work updated to 2015 SP4 and it appears this bug is till there (as I was informed by a vendor who noticed it, slipped by me).


      If you look at the attachment you'll see no matter what side the holes are called out from near side far side stays the same when they are actually relevant to which ever side you call them out from.




      first attachment did not have the drawing. should be all set now.

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          Kevin Chandler



          I'm not seeing (perhaps not understanding) your issue.


          Near, far and under head csinks all shown in their correct location.

          I added a cbore and it seems to behaving.


          The jpgs show the your csink wizard, sketch and sketch plane. They seem to be in sync.


          Perhaps, I'm missing something.





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              Mark Fitzpatrick

              Kevin the initial zip file did not include the drawing. I have since added it. The callout in the drawings is where the issue is.


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                  Kevin Chandler



                  I understand your post now.


                  I don't think it's a "bug" necessarily, just not enough inherent intelligence.

                  I think it's just that hole wizard callouts have their hole data associated to them, but not the sketch plane and its vector.

                  So when you select a hole to add a hole callout, SW brings in it what it has.


                  I don't see any options in Doc Options or in the hole wizard to toggle/set this either.


                  I can see the utility of your approach, it's not always feasible to be able to annotate from the hole wizard's sketch plane.

                  I can suggest that you add this idea as a feature request.

                  This year's "Top 10 List" (SOLIDWORKS World 2016 Top Ten List ) of suggestions closed for idea submissions last December and voting is currently in progress.

                  So, unless your issue is in this year's listing (search and vote for if it is-let me know and I'll vote up, too), you'll have to wait for next year's round of ideas submission, November to December, I believe.


                  Sorry, not much help.





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                      Mark Fitzpatrick

                      Got this from our VAR


                      Good Morning Mark,

                      My name is Chris and I can help
                      answer this question for you. There is still an open SPR for this exact
                      behavior. In the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base, it is listed as SPR# 330054
                      “Hole Callout information (near side and far side) should take into
                      consideration which view the callout is placed in.”


                      At this point, this is expected
                      behavior. The hole wizard callout only displays the callout information that
                      was assigned during the feature’s creation. The code which produces the callout
                      text does not have the ability to recognize the drawing view orientation to
                      which it is applied. The code which links the selected “far side” option in the
                      feature to the text in the callout is highlighted in the image below. Any text
                      which is contained within < x > is the code which produces all of the
                      text in the callout, and are each linked to the properties selected in the
                      feature’s creation.


                      A common workflow I’ve seen used
                      to achieve this is to delete the <hw-msgfarside> text from the end
                      of the Dimension Text as shown above. Then add the text “FAR SIDE” or “NEAR
                      SIDE” as required (Do not include the <> symbols). This will get the
                      needed text into the corresponding views.


                      You have to click on the callout
                      that you want to edit to activate its properties, then you can make the edits
                      in the Dimension Text field.



                      I am adding you to the open SPR#
                      330054 so that you are notified when this functionality has been added. I
                      cannot say when this will happen, but adding customers to the SPR is the method
                      of drawing more attention to the issue and pushing its importance to



                      Please let me know if you have
                      any questions.






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                        Ed Cyganik

                        I agree that this not a "bug" so to speak but;


                        The functionality is not sufficiently developed or implemented to provide for the capability required.


                        There are many areas of SolidWorks functionality where capability is incomplete, yet any time I have tried to make this point on this or other discussion forums or with my VAR or with SolidWorks directly, the "canned" response is to submit an enhancement request.


                        I always respond with; "The functionality and/or capability are incomplete or incorrect." I'm not submitting and enhancement request, I'm requesting that the functionality and/or capability be fixed! My response seems never to be heard or agreed with.


                        Lastly, in the OP, Mark states that this was a problem for him in SW2012, well I remember submitting similar issues before that. For arguments sake, let's go with 2012, so basically 4 years later the problem has never been addressed.



                        If the hole callout is added to a view where the hole is on the opposite side, then manually add: "FS" or "FARSIDE" to the callout.

                        Create another view (Section, Break Out, Detail) where the entrances is clearly defined.

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                    Mike Pogue

                    If you want to call out the C'sink as far side, put it in as a far side C'sink. I think getting spun up that SW is not reading your mind is evidence that the expectations have gotten pretty high.