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    How to leave a hatch in transparent?

    Rodolfo Coneglian

      I have a box design, inside this box has water. When I begin to detail the design in 2D, we apply sectional view in the area that has water. I would like the water is transparent to show all the components that are submerged in water.


      How to leave a transparent hatch?


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          Kelvin Lamport

          Can you use a shaded mode in the views?

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            John Burrill

            Try this:
            Pick on the hatch pattern for the component you want to be water.  The property manager will display the properties for the hatch pattern.  They will be grayed out, but you can uncheck "material crosshatch" and then change the pattern to "none".

            Select the water part face(s) cut by the section line and do 'convert entitites' to create sketch profiles of the regions you want to show components.  Create new annotation hatches for each region by chain selecting the sketch profile entities (to chain select, pick on one of the profile sketch segments, right click and pick 'select chain' from the context menu) and launching the "Area Hatch/Fill" tool and select the pattern you want to indicate the water.

            You could change the hatch pattern to "none." for the water component, but if you wanted to indicate some kind of semi-transparency, then I suggest using 'dots' and adjusting the scale to make the pattern denser.  This will give a dithered or screened effect that will suggest immersion in liquid.

            Unfortunately, SolidWorks doesn't support transparent or gradient fills.

            You can also show the the components that you want to show through the water by right-clicking on them, going to Hide/Show and selecting, "Show hidden edges"

            This will display the components in hidden lines but you can change the appearance by rmb-ing on the view and going to the 'component line font' dialog box.

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              Jamil Snead

              Would simply hiding the water work? Maybe you need to see the water level. In that case you could use Convert Entities to make a sketch of the water level line, then hide the water part.