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        Jory Blagden

        I'm currently enjoying the section lines changing positions each time I hit save too much to mess with all the iPhone users. LOL 


        I have wasted more time in the last 3 weeks with SW2016 than I have wasted fighting issues in the last 10 years with this software. EPDM is just as bad. Open a drawing. Make a change. Hit save. Hit "check in". It tells me that I can't check it in because it is open buy another application. Ummm...no. It's not. This junk has bugs. Big ol' hug bugs. Like Lady Bug Appocolypse bugs. Run for your lives!

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          Chris Crawford

          Let me start out by saying that the new Solidworks 2016 User Interface (UI) is horrifically abysmal! If you haven’t upgraded yet, don’t! I suggest you stay with 2015 or an older version.


          The low color contrast is causing me extreme eye strain and tremendous end of day headaches! I’ve been struggling to adjust to the bland color scheme chosen by SW for the 2016 software for several months now I still find myself looking for icons I was easily able to find in the previous versions. I’m struggling to find highlighted parts/assemblies in the feature tree. With the old UI, I could tell which parts were hidden in the feature tree. I could differentiate the extrude icon from the extruded cut icon. Now, they look the same. Good luck trying to find suppressed items in the tree. I can’t tell whether I’m making a part/assembly transparent or hiding it. I keep selecting the wrong icon. Hidden or visible – what a joke. Looking for a slashed line, really?


          After a quick Google search, I see that I’m not alone. It’s absolutely terrible that they chose to make such a major change in an area that didn’t need to be changed thereby degrading the quality of their product. I’m told it was done to appease 4.5% of the population who are colorblind, however this was done at the expense of the majority of us who aren’t. As it turns out, I’m finding that even the colorblind are struggling with the low contrast icons used! Really sad! They say it was needed to support future high resolution displays. Oh really? What a band-aid of an excuse to cover up their software blunder! Is this the best they could do?


          Lack of color and contrast results in severe eye strain. There is just not enough variation between the dark grey text and the light grey subdued text, and the off white background. Green and Yellow are highly visible, high contrast colors. It’s shameful that they decided to change something that was already good. Contrast of blue on light blue on off white is not easy to pick up. My eyes strain enough sitting at a computer all day but now I work them harder by searching for things that were easily found before. I don't need to strain them more trying to find what icon I need because they look the same. Forget about going to System Options and changing the Interface brightness to medium or dark unless you like looking at chocolate pudding all day.


          There were plenty of other areas that Solidworks could have put their efforts instead of playing around with something that wasn't broke! Why didn’t Solidworks focus on the real issues with the software such as system crashes 3-4 times a week, slow response times and incessant mouse clicks hitting the rebuild button? Why not have a user setting to toggle the colors & contrast back into the icons to make it convenient for those that can't get used to the bland monochrome background they've created? How about a "classic mode" in order to fix your ugly mistake?


          Not only is the new monochrome color scheme dull and boring, it’s actually quite depressing! Forget what they tell you that you will get used to the new interface colors, you won’t! Two months later and I haven’t! Arguably, I would venture to guess you would get used to the smell of cow manure, but it still smells and why in your right mind would you want to? I sure hope that this is fixed with the next service pack and that the fix comes out real soon. My eyes can’t take this anymore.


          Bottom line, the Solidworks 2016 UI really stinks!

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            Matt Mengel

            Tom - thanks for the heads up.

            Our IT dept. loaded 2016 and batch converted the eng. dept.'s files on Friday.

            This morning I started using 2016 and...let's say.. I didn't find it to be an upgrade regarding the interface.


            I'd like to give an example in the hopes that it will be helpful to whatever solution SW is currently considering.


            In a sketch environment, I want to change a line to construction. RMB, I click on the second icon from the left in the bottom row. It's mostly red.

            Without looking it up, I couldn't draw you a picture of it.

            Now - it's the same color as all the rest. It took me a bit to figure out if the one button I was looking for was correct.


            There may be dozens of examples to the contrary. But this one is, in my experience, one that illustrates why I am not a fan of the 2016 interface.

            I truly hope I am helpful with my comment.

            I look forward to seeing what you and your team come up with.



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              Chris Clouser

              Probably because most of us don't like buying add-ons, especially stuff that should be included, and third party at that.

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                Chris Clouser

                I strongly recommend having your own place to work.  Perhaps an office or cubicle.  In fact, I've never worked anywhere where I didn't have one or the other, and I've worked at a LOT of places.


                I'm sure any initial release of voice commands will have it's bugs, but I guarantee you, it will soon be the norm.  I see more and more people talking to their phones, and Autodesk is already doing voice commands.

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                  Adrian Velazquez

                  This is the Add-In Jeff is talking about... seems to do what it says very well.  Still, I would not use it even if it was included.





                  Disclaimer: Chris, if you click on the link I will receive a ridiculous large amount in royalties.

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                    Anna Wood

                    To add to Adrian's link here is the Xpresso website.


                    Xpresso | Your ultimate control of SolidWorks

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                      Mike Thompson

                      Love the new UI and super love the dark theme!

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                        Chris Clouser

                        Your check should be in the mail.


                        Not sure about the game controller, but you guys pointed this out last year when I suggested it for the Top Ten.


                        I would be interested in why SW doesn't just buy these guys and add it to their portfolio?


                        These are the kinds of things we as users would love to know.


                        -Is voice commands on the radar for UI?

                        -If not, why not?  There may be a good reason, but I don't can't think of one right now.

                        -How often does SW consider or eventually purchase a third party to improve the user experience or program's capability.

                        -What other stuff are you considering, perhaps get our feedback to help with your decision.


                        On our end, all we know is what we see when the product is released.


                        I'll give you an excellent example, for years I had been begging for a drawing tree product.  SolidWorks wasn't listening to me, probably because drawing trees are a lost art, and I'm not sure how many SW users are also project managers.  But that being said, every design is a project and anything with any complexity would benefit from a drawing tree to help the rest of the team (the non-cad users) to quickly visualize the project.


                        There was a third party that had what looked to be a very slick tree add-in, now defunct:




                        SolidWorks could have years ago acquired these guys (for probably a song and a dance) and I would have been ecstatic.


                        In the mean time, I convinced HawkRidge to create some of their HawkWare.  They then created a drawing tree program.  It was not bad, but it did have a difficult time with my large assemblies and also it ran outside of SW.


                        Like only a year later, SW did finally introduce a drawing tree feature.  But it doesn't work.  Haven't tried 2016 yet to see if it's been improved.


                        And now I'm wondering what would have happened if they would have simply started with the work of the deltagl guys linked above??


                        An effective drawing tree feature that was linked to my parts, assemblies, custom properties, etc and could be color coded to show the phase of production each part was in would be a priceless tool.  We used to generate these by hand in AutoCRAP, because they were so helpful.


                        I see this example as having been a no-brainer.  I would imagine the development would have been minimal since the add-in was already developed.  they would just need to clean it up a little.  The price would have been minimal since the program was not selling well (again, we don't like buying third party stuff unless completely necessary).  And SolidWorks could have used this to educate their users on this simple but extremely effective tool to improve their organizations efficiency and planning.

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                          Adrian Velazquez

                          SW Treehouse has been around for ages, I was using since 08-09 it was part of their "Labs" Projects... but I guess there wasn't much interest.

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                            Marc Erasmus

                            Hi Tom,


                            I appreciate Solidworks response. However, I have been using Solidworks every day since the late 90's and been in engineering for the last 34 years. One thing I have learned is "if it isn't broken,don't fix it" as far as I am concerned the GUI was fine and did not need to change! My eyesight is not what it used to be and the new colors are difficult to distinguish quickly. VERY FRUSTRATING! I have returned to SW 2015.

                            Solidworks is just code, this cant be hard to change....I would prefer it if I could either choose my own icons/colors or at least have an option to "use previous GUI".

                            In the meantime, I am looking at alternative software. Not only because of this issue,  I am just tired of paying for upgrades that cause me endless relearning [and have bugs that drive me nuts]  but don't actually make a positive meaningful difference to my production. I believe Solidworks is slipping and I hear this from many users. This is a great pity as it was Solidworks which really gave me a "foot up" when i moved from a drafting table to a PC.

                            Time will tell.

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                              Naoki TSUJI

                              In this forum, a lot of people point it out about colors/contrast and size of icons with new UI.

                              I have another complaint about the pointer of sketch tool.

                              The focus of pointer has been changed to the cross from the tip of pencil.


                              The cross line is too thin and the picture which shows type of tool is outstanding than the cross.

                              I am at a loss where I should put pointer.

                              The reason may be because my eyes are astigmatic.

                              Does not anyone feel so it ?

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                                Ronald van Til

                                I don't have a problem with this. I actually did not notice that something had changed .... I also don't really see an improvement.... For now to me this seems a useless 'enhancement'.

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                                  Glenn Schroeder

                                  Naoki TSUJI wrote:


                                  I have another complaint about the pointer of sketch tool.

                                  The focus of pointer has been changed to the cross from the tip of pencil.

                                  The cross line is too thin and the picture which shows type of tool is outstanding than the cross.

                                  I am at a loss where I should put pointer.

                                  The reason may be because my eyes are astigmatic.

                                  Does not anyone feel so it ?

                                  I agree.  I'm also struggling with it.

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                                    Randall Hutchison

                                    Ditto, well said, well described. I too have this problem.

                                    Not as bad as targeting the icons and features.

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