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    SOLIDWORKS 2016 User Interface

    Tom Spine

      SOLIDWORKS users are passionate. We love that about you.


      SOLIDWORKS employees are also passionate about the product we deliver. We take pride in SOLIDWORKS, and in our relationship with you and responding to your feedback. We want you to love SOLIDWORKS.


      We know that some of you are not happy with the SOLIDWORKS 2016 user interface. We are listening, we are working on it, and we will share more about our plans in the coming weeks.


      On behalf of the entire SOLIDWORKS User Experience and R&D team,

      --Tom Spine


      For an update on the planned changes and release schedule, see Jan 13 update: Re: SOLIDWORKS 2016 User Interface


      For a first screen shot showing what the new "classic icons" option will look like, see Feb 3 update: Re: SOLIDWORKS 2016 User Interface


      For an update on SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP02 release, see Feb 17 update: Re: SOLIDWORKS 2016 User Interface


      For an update on changes in SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP03 for the user interface, see March 23 update: Update on the SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP03 UI changes

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          John Stoltzfus

          Thanks for the update Tom - I'll be going 2016 once we like what we see

          • 2. Re: SOLIDWORKS 2016 User Interface
            Bob Van Dick

            That's a big DITTO for me.....

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              Tyler Kemp

              Im glad to hear theres a resolution coming. I think this will be a learning experience for both the vendor and consumer and will impact the way changes are made on future releases.

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                John Grimm

                "we will share more about our plans in the coming weeks."


                Tom, enough with these smug answers!


                Telling us you will be gracious enough to share some more about YOUR plans is not going to cut it.  Outline the plans for a fix now, and we might not spend any more time looking at alternative software.  Until then......

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                  Chris Clouser

                  THANKS!  WE appreciate some feedback!


                  just a quick note, I have struggled with the evolution of the interface since the flyout icons were introduced.  And then the command manager as well.


                  I can totally see what the intention with these changes were, but they do not improve productivity.


                  In the "old" days, we just spread icons around the display, typically customized icon menus of the ones we used the most.


                  Then the flyouts came.  This did save a tiny bit of display, but required often two clicks where one used to be all that was needed.


                  Then came the command manager.  Again, the intention is very clear, but the execution requires often three clicks where one used to be sufficient!


                  I used my old-school icon layout as long as I could, but with the constant updates I finally gave in to the command manger maybe two or so years ago.


                  I am STILL not comfortable with it, even after several thousand hours of "relearning" :-(


                  And I will remind everybody once again, that SolidWorks turned the entire industry on it's head 20 years ago (Happy Birthday BTW) primarily because of the awesome user experience.  In fact, I remember clearly teaching myself how to use it without any training or tutorials in a matter of hours.  That's pretty impressive to create such an intuitive product.  This is the SolidWorks that we believe in.

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                    Stephen Hudson

                    Thank goodness!!!


                    We shelved 2016. 2015 works just fine and 2016 offered nothing compelling to make the change with the UI being so poorly thought out. It looks like something from the early days of icons, like something a college kid did for a project.


                    By the way, I'm color blind - red / green and have never had any problem with colorful UI's but have plenty of trouble with the flat, colorless UI of 2016.

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                      Scott Lyon

                      I can honestly say that I've never poured my heart & soul into something and had it poo-pooed by the folks I intended to please. I get bent feelings when my dog doesn't come say hi when I get out of the truck. I can't imagine your human side to all this. The personal attacks I've seen aside, it mustn't have been very much fun these last couple months. As one having done some of the poo-pooing, I really appreciate that we're being not only heard, but listened to. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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                        James Bancroft

                        for the most part, whether something is a vector graphic or bitmap, there is a color code in the software. It is easy to assign a color code in the module that has that code. if you can tell us where the icons are in the software, we can open that icon up, change the color in some photo editing software ourselves if need be.


                        This can be a go around, but, hey, this is not rocket science on changing colors on a screen, it sure aint hyperbolas intersecting with helixes through a non-linear curve...

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                          Jory Blagden

                          Thank you! The blue and white is frustrating to say the least. I got used to the icons and colors starting in 2001. Now they all changed and boom....can't find anything. I get new and change...but why would you just change it to two colors? Did someone lose a bet? Makes no sense.

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                            Wendy Mark

                            When might we know about an updated color set.  Out company is currently scheduled to upgrade to 2016 in March, but those of us who have reviewed the new interface are trying to convince IT to hold off until this issue is resolved.  Is it likely to come out in a 2016 update release, or will we have to wait until 2017?

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                              Jory Blagden

                              Please make it a service pack and release it tomorrow.

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                                Tyler Kemp

                                I was hoping to have our office updated by March as well, but will also be waiting until this issue is resolved. A ballpark date may be helpful to those of us trying to plan ahead, although I understand if its too early to say.

                                • 13. Re: SOLIDWORKS 2016 User Interface
                                  Randall Hutchison

                                  Please expedite this fix. Programmers that do not use the program as we do probably do not really understand how serious this is and what we are going through.


                                  The response I received from the technical support request today 01/06/2016 (SPR 916882) was "we do not have current plans to change the color scheme".


                                  I hope your promise of a fix supersedes this SPR response.

                                  • 14. Re: SOLIDWORKS 2016 User Interface
                                    Bill Stadler

                                    Thanks Tom,


                                    It is reassuring to know that you are listening and took time to update us. Communication is key..


                                    Thanks again!

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