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        John Sweeney

        Hi Murray,

        Its tough to say what might be going wrong with your 2015 license check.  A possible culprit may be the conflict with Microsoft KB3072630.  This has caused many issues and odd behaviors with customers that have performed a SolidWorks install after applying that KB.  Do you know if you installed 2015 (or 2014) after applying this KB.  You can check your machine to see if its installed:


        • From the Windows Control Panel, click Windows Update.
        • In the left pane, click View update history.
        • Browse the list of installed updates to check if KB3072630 was installed.



        This KB was released on the Microsoft auto-update on July 14th, so any installation actions for SolidWorks after that date may be at risk.  If you believe this may be a problem, please check out our Tech Bulletin 3072630.



        One other simple idea... Any chance there is a dialog trying to show itself but is hiding behind another window?


        With regard to your 2014 crashing, this is also difficult to diagnose without more details.  Crashing is often related to system requirements, driver versions, modeling workflow, or software errors.  I'd recommend the two links above to be sure your machine has the right requirements and approved graphics driver (which is not always the latest driver from the vendor).  You could also use the "SolidWorks Rx" tool which is installed on your machine and use the "Diagnostics" tab which will analyze your machine and drivers.  If this all looks OK, then you could use the "Problem Capture" tab to gather up information for reproducible crashes to send to your reseller.  They should be able to help you diagnose your crashing by reviewing your old crash logs.


        You are correct that the student licenses are not available for service updates.


        I hope this helps.


        Best Regards,


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          Ronan Carrroll

          Some feedback.

          The patch improved the crashing situation significantly. When I first installed the patch things were no Better. So Uninstalled it and then uninstalled Kaspersky. reinstalled patch. Stable! Mostly. I have one repeatable crash peenomenon. When I start pc and SW,  SW crashes ver soon afterwards often on opening 1st file. Restart SW and then it is stable. I do get some other crashed. I thing it is something to do with configurations in files (probable haven't been rebuilt for a long time and could be from earlier releases. That is my best guess).

          In stalled SP 5 last night. Crashed on fist opening of a file, Even messes up the graphics of the "open window". Restart SW and so it seems stable. So overall a good improvement but needs some more work.

          Note: I have moved to Windows security essentials.

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            Paul Salvador

            Ronan... not sure if you've seen this latest ... may apply to your launch issue..


            How to Fix SOLIDWORKS Launch Issues Caused by Windows Update KB3097877

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              Umberto Zanola

              The other day I took a course at my var office on Simulation pro.

              The workstation (HPZ210) I was assigned in the classroom was 2015 SP4 (no fix applied) and crashed 3 times

              in the middle of the explaination during the 2 days, as usual over random stuff like change the color of a body...


              Not funny, considering I was taking lesson in a language that is is not my native one on a complex topic.


              I have the impression that SW messes too much with the OS libraries and stuff.

              Just to make an example, if you take NX 6, 7 or whatever installation folder and COPY and PASTE it on

              another machine you have a pretty much working installation (probably some minor issues),

              but if you copy also the setting files from the user folder, a registry key and add a couple of path to the system

              you still have a rock solid modelling engine in place again. without the installer.

              Tried that lot of times for some test on new releases on the company laptop at the time.


              SW is too sensitive to the OS enviroinment even on a certified workstation with certified drivers,

              a dedicated machine for SW only is not an option IMHO.

              At my previous workplace we had NX+Nastran+moldwizard, Moldflow adviser, even the old ME10 (a 2D from Cocreate)

              plus some dwg converter Openoffice and MS Office, a 3rd party antivirus on every HP workstation (some machine was even internally revamped with additional RAM and new graphic cards, so no more a certificated rig if you ask me).

              Well, everyone worked on a network storage on 200MB~3Gb  assembly files and the only crashes

              I saw in 2 years were 4 automotive parts mainly grids, over 1 meter long with some ten thousants of messed up surfaces.

              According to my senior (at the time he worked >15 years on NX) crashes was an issue 8-10 years ago, but nowadays

              they became a very unlikely event.


              So if  SW could be made more OS indipendent throwing all the libraries they need inside a folder,

              even if it takes >10Gb to install it I don't care if the stability is achieved this way.

              We cannot work with the fear that a routine system update blows up our working tool.

              And blaming MS won't solve the problem ether.


              Just my 2 yen.

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                Richard Lundy


                I installed the hotfix for SW2015 SP4 right after it came out. Things were going smoothly until today. I have had several crashes and freezes today. After I installed the hotfix it was shown in my about SW window but today it isn't shown there and I no longer see it in my  installed programs list either. Any idea what is going on? If it doesn't show as being installed now can I go ahead and install SP5? Could some MS update have uninstalled it? I need to get something figured out as I am back to losing a lot of work and having to go back and do things over two or three times again.

                R. Lundy

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                  Jody Wilkerson

                  I tried to install SW2015 SP5.0 today and got the following message. The SP5.0 files are in this directory and that is where I initiated the installer from. Any thoughts on how to get it to recognize the Toolbox directory?


                  SolidWorks 2015 SP5.0 Error.jpg





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                    Kelvin Lamport

                    Go to Tools > Options > System Options > Hole Wizard/Toolbox and select the correct data file from the browse field.


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                      Jody Wilkerson

                      Hi Kelvin,


                      We us a shared Toolbox on our network drive.  It is pointing to the correct file folder. But when I run the installer to upgrade from SP3.0 to SP5.0, I get the message that says the installer can't find the folder. It's there and I do have access to it when I start the installer.

                      Hole Wizard Toolbox Folder.jpg



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                        Philip Lane


                        For the purposes of the upgrade, change the location in your settings/options file to the local C:\Solidworks Data - which is the default installation location and run the upgrade.

                        Post-upgrade, change the location back to your network location. Try to add the UNC path implicitly other than the share letter designation - 'M:\Solidworks Data'.

                        i.e.\\servername\Solidworks Data.

                        Don't forget to run the 'toolbox when not in the vault' upgrade method, unless you've already done that for a previous 2015 SPX

                        Good Luck.

                        Phil Lane.

                        • 219. Re: 2015 is a horrible release
                          Jody Wilkerson

                          Thanks Philip,


                          I don't have a C:\Solidworks Data folder. When we installed SW2015 everything was set to the M:\Solidworks Data folder.


                          Changing the path to \\server-3\Solidworks Data did the trick. It is upgrading now.


                          How do you run 'toolbox when not in the vault' upgrade method? We don't have a vault and I didn't see any option where I could change that.


                          The installation just finished. Hopefully it will work better than SP3.0.





                          • 220. Re: 2015 is a horrible release
                            Philip Lane


                            I've added a link http://files.goengineer.com/docs/support/Update%20Toolbox.pdf on upgrading Toolbox from the Go Engineer site - a good resource.

                            It lays out the options to do so during the 2015 upgrade, or run the Toolbox upgrade utility post-install and define the path to it.

                            I'd like to be able to say i've done this and it works, but we only use the Hole Wizard feature, so we don't have to upgrade........long story.

                            Am interested in your success story.

                            Bon chance.

                            Phil Lane.

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                              Jody Wilkerson

                              Hi Philip,


                              Thanks. The first thing I do when we do a major SW upgrade is copy the \SolidWorks Data folder and put the year behind it. That way the current one is always \SolidWorks Data and I don't have to go in and change the year on all the file locations in the options. When I upgraded our computers from SW2014 SP3.0 to SW2015 SP3.0, I check the "Use an existing Toolbox". When the first computer is upgraded it also upgrades the Toolbox and it doesn't have to do it again for the rest of the computers.


                              My problem here going from SW2015 SP3.0 to SP5.0 was the installer said it couldn't find the Toolbox. When I changed my options to use the full path and not the mapped network path, it installed just fine with no errors.


                              SW2015 SP5.0 seems to be stable for me so far.





                              • 222. Re: 2015 is a horrible release
                                Philip Lane


                                Excellent, glad it helped.

                                And you may have given me a clue to what goes wrong here when we go up a major release.

                                I don't get to run the installation upgrades due to the organizational setup, so I never see the options........and I'm not sure that 'Use an existing Toolbox' gets checked at upgrade time.

                                And we always have fastener location breaks, reverting to a different toolbox etc or worse....

                                I will look into it.


                                Phil Lane.

                                • 223. Re: 2015 is a horrible release
                                  John Sweeney

                                  Hi Richard,
                                  The list of hotfixes applied to your current version of SolidWorks are pulled from the registry.  It's possible that this portion of the registry was overwritten or that the hotfix was somehow uninstalled.  Have you installed any other hotfixes for 2015 SP4? If you'd like to double check, you can manually verify the version of the hotfixed dlls.  Find the "sldworks.exe" file using File Explorer and do an RMB-Properties-Details to check the actual version of these two dlls: "sldmfcu.dll" and "slduiu.dll".  If the version is, then the hotfix is no longer installed.

                                  The best bet would be to try reinstalling the hotfix or you could upgrade to 2015 SP5.

                                  Best Regards,

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                                    Richard Lundy


                                    I am still getting freezes/lockups after installing SP5. Not as often as with SP4 but still enough to be irritating. They seem to be related to my panning the view with my Spacepilot and clicking on something in the feature tree at the same time. Are any other Spacepilot users experiencing anything similar?

                                    R. Lundy

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