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    Need help with an assembly? (Baymax)

    Eric Rapp

      So I am currently working on modelling a picture of Baymax from Big Hero 6 for fun, and plan on 3D printing the finished product. I am modeling the various body parts and then attaching them in an assembly. I have currently modeled the body, a leg, and the head. What I noticed when I attached them though is that I would like some of the features to overshadow the overlapping. I'm definitely not explaining this right so I'll show it in pictures.

      This is the picture I'm trying to model. This is what I have so far.

      Notice how the attachment of the legs and the body doesn't create the circular form as it does in the actual picture, instead it creates a V-ish shape. The same kind of problem happens where the head should be completely round, but instead gets cut of a little with the body.


      This is what the body looks like. Inside, it has two extruded cut cubes so that the two legs have something to mate to.

      This is the leg, where the top portion gets mated inside the body.


      What can I do to fix this problem? I am fairly new to solid works and this is a test project, so I am open to any suggestions that you have. No matter how many edits because this is more to learn how to use SolidWorks.


      Thank you

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          Peter Bergendahl

          I would say it has nothing to do with your assembly, but just the parts. The body probably needs more shaping to get the look that you want. I would assemble the legs and edit the body in the assembly so you can some faster feedback on the look.


          I am sure Big Hero was not modeled in CAD, so the organic shaping behaves a lot differently, kind of. I don't know what level of Solidworks you have, but if you have the Sub-D ability that might be a good place to start as it will be easier to freehand a shape like this. Sub-D allows you to push and pull and make organic shapes much easier.


          I would either flatten out the body on the bottom to reduce the V shape or bring out the tummy a bit to overlap the legs, hide the V shape and make it more round.


          As with character modeling, I assume it is about making look right and not overly correct dimensions. This might also be easier to accomplish with surfaces and not solids.