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    changing values of boundary condition during running simualtion

    Alexander Köhler



      I use SolidWorks Flow Simulation. I want to change the flow
      rate values of a boundary condition by the API during a running CFD simulation.
      After an iteration measurements are read by the API. Then, an external program calculates
      new boundary conditions that are passed to the API (Co-Simulation).


      Currently I stop the simulation after one interationstep by
      the API, then I change the values of the boundary conditions (by the API) and start
      the simulation for the next iterationstep (by the API). But the start and stop
      takes far too long time. Sometimes the CFD solver hangs in the point
      "model is being prepared".


      Is there another way to change the values of boundary
      conditions during a running simulation, without stopping the Solver?


      I would appreciate very much if you would answer me.



      Best regards,


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          Josiah Lund



          I am not an expert and I have not done this before, but I know that if it is possible, you will have to be doing a time dependent simulation. You should be able to set an equation to drive each of your input conditions. I don't know how much freedom you have with that to say something like

          for t<1 (boundary condition 1)

          for t>=1 (boundary condition 2)


          Wish I could help more, but hopefully this points you in the right direction.