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    Full OpenGL and REALVIEW on the MAC running Parrallels

    Mark Biasotti

      I wouldn't have imagined that I would ever have to deal with this issue but recently I just started a new position with a product design firm and they are all using MacBook Pros running Parrallels and SW and Creo. This is something that I could have never mentioned in my former position at Dassault but now it was in MY face.  Following is what I posted for my Colleagues.  Contrary to what has been said on this forum, you CAN get RealView to run on any MAC with Parrallels. Most of our group are on MacBook Pro 17" running a Geforce GT750M.  Depending on what your Mac's Graphics card is you will have to enter the appropriate reg key descriptions but with a little patience it can be done. If you have struggled with this and want to have it for your MAC/SW then read the following. I will try to respond to your questions.  (Sorry, but the reg files I posted are for my colleagues - you'll have to do the registry fix manually.)





      Subject: Success!!! Full OpenGL and RealView graphics on your MacBook Pro


      After some hours of research and experimentation, I’ve cracked the problem to be able to get OpenGL acceleration on our MacBooks when running SW2013 and SW2014. Okay, this is going to be a long thread but believe me, it will be worth it for you in the end.


      First a little background – Currently on your Macbook Pro when you run SolidWorks or ProE (in Parallels) what you see in your Viewport is completely drawn by the CPU. What this means is that the NVIDIA GeForce GT750 graphics card  in your MacBook is doing absolutely nothing to accelerate the graphics in your viewport. This goes to whether you just have a shaded model, wireframe, hidden line view etc. and I’m not even talking about the additional effects of Realview (reflections, self-shadow, ambient occlusion etc.)  You also find that you can not do draft check in SolidWorks because in late 2010 SW switch to using OpenGL to accelerate the draft check visualization also.  The bottom line is that with small models, performance is not noticeable but with larger models and assemblies it can completely bog down your viewport and in some cases take several seconds to refresh the view. This is because your MAC CPU is doing 100% of the processing of your SW view, whereas the Graphic Cards in all computers should be doing that job and offloading it from the CPU. This is evident if right now you go and fire up SW, load a model and go to Tools>System Tools>Performance and scroll to the bottom of the dialog you’ll notice that the item “use software OpenGL” is checked and greyed

      Displaying 7B0F08AA-2866-4EA2-A5CB-0A6D45448610.png

      So to me, this is really going to be a big impact on my productivity not only from a performance standpoint but also from other visualization tools that you get when modeling including Draft Check, reflections and zebra stripes (important for surface modeling) etc. The model edges and sketch entities will also be smoother (anti-aliasing) with OpenGL enabled.


      The Solution – after much digging on the web, its apparent that we’re not the only one with this problem and because SW or our VAR will officially NOT support SW on the MAC others have taken the time to figure out how to trick your graphics card in to thinking it runs SW with OpenGL when normally it doesn’t. So it turns out that you can edit your SW Windows registry keys to get Graphics Hardware acceleration in SW. I can take you thru the detailed steps to edit your system registry using regedit.exe or if you rather not, you can get the reg key file I created and I’ve posted it on our Box folder.

      But first you must do a few other minor things on your MAC.


      (Attention Arne (or anyone that does not have a Macbook  Pro 17”) – I believe you have a MacBook Pro 15” and I think you have a different graphics card in yours. I believe it is an intel HD 4000. You can check by going to Apple>about this MAC>Advanced and it should be listed in the dialog. If this is the case also have a solution for you but it requires different reg key setting. If you are interested in getting full OpenGl for SW, see me and I can do yours.)


      1. Go to your Apple system preferences>Energy Saver  and turn off your “Automatic Graphics Switching.”  This is not necessary to do if you are always plugged in, but if you are at a client or without your power brick, MAC will turn off the graphics performance of Parallels to conserve power.
      2. Next go to Parallels and RMB to “Configure” (make sure that you have shut down your virtual Windows desktop) and under the Options Tab make sure that Power is set to “Better Performance.”  Now go to the Hardware tab and the Video category and make sure that the 3D Acceleration is set to “DirectX9”
      3. Start up Parallels and go to Start>Run>regedit  and then click on the HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then File>Export “Backup registry <today’s date>”  to backup your system registry before you make any changes (I don’t want to be held responsible if I, or you, do something that could corrupt your windows7 install and you can use this file to recover.)
      4. (Optional) If you have any customization to your SW interface you will loose it with one or a both of this reg files in the next step, so if f you have a lot of customization you can save it using by going to Start>All Programs>SolidWorks2014 (2014)>SolidWorks Tools>Copy Settings Wizard and use it to backup your settings so you can reload it in after the next step.
      5. Now go to our Spanner Box and download the SW2013 Registry fix I created or the SW2014 Registry fix or both.  Once you’ve download/s then just click on one or both of them (Make sure that you’ve done the backup in step 3 first)
      6. If you did step 4, goto the Copy Settings Wizard and restore your customization
      7. THAT’S IT!
      Optionally If you are not comfortable loading my registry setting you can do it yourself  doing the following:
      1. In Windows7,  Start>run>Regedit
      2. Expand the HKEYCURRENT_USER Key
      3. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\SolidWorks <your Version>\Performance\Graphics\Hardware\Gl2Shaders\Other
      4. In the “Other” Key create a new Key and name it "Parallels using NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M
      5. Create a new 32Bit DWORD Key underneath this key called WorkArounds and give it a hex value of 40000

      Displaying reg 1[1].png

      1. Now Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\SolidWorks <your version>\Performance\Graphics\Hardware\Parallels and NVIDIA Corporation
      2. On this key change it’s “Workaround” value to 4000480

      Displaying reg 2.png


      Now you can start your SolidWorks, and load a current part or assembly and drop down the last icon on the right of the Heads-up View Toolbar and click on the RealView Icon.

      So with OpenGL/RealView turned on on your MacBook Parallels you should see the difference between the first screen shot of the Porsche Carrera GT and the second with RV enabled

      Displaying no-realview-porsche[1].png Displaying realview-porsche.png


      Next up would be to enable OpenGL for ProE on your MacBooks. I’ll work on that and let you know. I’m sure there is a workaround for that too.






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          Mark Biasotti

          The one glitch I've found with this is that draft analysis does not work and you need to enable the " use software open only" check it you do want to use it. Bummer... Because I use that a lot toward the completion of most projects.



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              Mark Matthews

              Hey Mark,


              Great to see this post from you and that you are fully immersed back into the ID world.


              I'm up for a new laptop at work and I'm going to have my choice of the MBP 15" retina, or the good o'l Dell Precision brick (i'm lugging it on the train everyday and would love the lighter Mac). I'm running one of those older Dell bricks now and it certainly is reliable and has that wonderful numeric pad the MBP would lack. You've been using the MBP now for a month; what's your opinion of running SW and Creo now that you've got the open gl figured out? Your running parallels; have you run in bootcamp? Our plan if we get the MBP would be to run only bootcamp as I have no need to be in the mac world. 



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                  Mark Biasotti

                  Hi Mark,


                  It is still not ideal for SolidWorks or ProE. There are some features that simply do not work. For instance, even with the OpenGL hack (above), Draft Check does not work. you need to close your part, turn on "Software OpenGL only" and then load your part again, and it is not persistent - i.e. you can only see the draft check while in the Draft Check feature. This is because SW changed Draft Check to a OpenGL driven feature about 2012?. Needless to say, this is a real pain. I'm also see small glitches and screen refresh problems, overlapping menus with fonts, odd sized font in pull downs etc.  I would not go to MBP if you plan for it to be your main SW machine. ProE is a bit better because it isn't written on MicroSoft Foundation Library so it's in it's own world anyway and it doesn't have any fancy openGL effects, although be aware, you are not taking advantage of the Graphics Card on either Proe or SW, out-of-the-box.

                  The MBP is a nice machine and everything non-CAD is sweet, but if you're on SW most of the day, it isn't worth it. In my case, I just didn't have a choice.


                  Good to hear from you. I miss New England area greatly!!!!



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                      Mark Matthews

                      Hi Mark,


                      Thanks for the feedback. I'll look seriously again at the Dell brick. So you haven't tried running SW through Bootcamp?



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                        Mark Matthews

                        Hi Mark,


                        Well I've got the 15.6" MBP with the retina display and running Win 8.1 via bootcamp. I've run a registry hack that was available online and now have realview running. Got to say that 2014 is running really well and Draft Check is working just fine; no need to jump into software openGL. The issues I'm running into are getting the scaling right in Win8 (it actually has a scaling of icons and text that works really well as opposed to changing the resolution of the screen). I'm not sure the scaling is affecting the interface of SW. When I go to change SW's button size ( which shows up beside the options tab) Switching between the two options seems to do nothing.


                        Button Size 1.png

                        If anything, it makes them smaller instead of bigger. It seems that SolidWorks is not ready for the onslaught of hi res displays and operating systems in our future. I have noticed that Photoshop has the same options under it's preferences (for button and tool icon sizes) and those choices don't seem to work for it either. They do however have another toggle that scales the interface 200% for "high density displays".


                        Button Size 2.png

                        It seems to leave the working graphics area unaffected so you can see hi res images at the screen's native resolution.

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                            Mark Biasotti

                            Hi Mark,


                            I have had all the same problems and 2014 seems worst that 2013. It is a delicate mix of setting between iOS, parallels configure and win7. Here are some tips posted by one of my colleagues that you might find useful. BTW, When I got my 27" Thunderbolt display, all these scale problems went away.



                            • Problems with reverse Zoom Scroll in Creo 2.0??
                              • Go to Mac side; System Preferences/Mouse/
                            • Fine tuning hardware on Windows 7 for CAD performance
                              • In Parallel,
                                • Go to Configure/General tab/ select '4''8192' for Memory
                                • Go to Configure/Options tab/ select 'Optimization' /Tune Windows for Speed and selectunder the dropdown menu on Performance
                              • In Windows 7,
                                • 'Click''Type' 'Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows'
                                  • 'click''check'
                                  • Select 'Advanced' tab/ 'click' button 'Programs' on Adjust for best performance of: / Set Virtual Memory- Total paging file size for all drives: '16094 MB''Change…'
                                  • 'Click''Type' 'Performance Information and Tools'
                                    • Rate7.5 , 7.9, 7.1, 7.1, 7.97.1
                            • Fine tuning Windows 7 display resolution to accommodate for Solidworks and Creo 2.0??
                              • In Parallel/ go to Configure/Hardware tab/select Video/select under Resolution 'More Space' and setMB for video memory
                              • In Windows 7, 'right-click' to Screen Resolution and set to '2880 x 1800'
                                • Next, click 'Make text and other items larger or smaller', select 'Larger - 150%',
                                  • Click 'Set custom text size (DPI)', 'click and drag' the ruler to '151%'
                                  • Click 'Adjust ClearType text', 'check''Next'
                              • Increase icon size in Windows 7
                                • 'Left Click''control'roll the wheel scroll
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                                Mark Matthews

                                Hi Mark,


                                Yes, I've got two display port monitors at work now and they look really good, though I have to switch my WIN 8 settings to scale all displays the same, or SW ghosts the graphics window everytime you click in it. When I get to work I set the scaling to 100% for my 27" 2560x1440, and 1980x1200 displays. SW has no issues then. When I unplug and work on the train I have to reset the scaling to 150%. I can't check the "Set custom text size" equivalent in Win8. Don't know why. I am getting an issue sometimes that says SW is running low on system resources, even though my memory usage overall is only 43% of my 16gigs of ram, with SW only using about 2.5gig's worth.


                                Have a great holiday!

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                                    Mark Biasotti

                                    Hi Mark,


                                    First off - Happy Gobble!   Second, I believe the memory issue is a result of the fact that you are running a virtual machine (Parallels) on top of iOS. I regularly (once or twice a week) need to shut down parallels and restart to regain memory back from iOS (at least this is my theory.)


                                    I don't know about you but I love my MacBook 17 pro, but... it is not ideal for running SW and would have not made the choice to go to Mac for it. There are so many little issues with it.  Probably my biggest issue is not being able to run Draft Check without check marking "Run Software OpenGL only." This is a real hassle for me (as I suspect you) in product design since I need the performance capabilities of my openGL view (not just RealView) but also need to regular check draft as I am modeling.


                                    Hope you are well.  I miss Massachusetts

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                                        Mark Matthews

                                        Hi Mark,


                                        I'm not running a virtual machine, but Win8.1 native via bootcamp. I'm going to see if the paging file size has anything to do with it.


                                        Also, Draft Check runs just fine for me. No issues.


                                        So you really miss the snow? Spent a scary minute sliding backwards down a driveway with my foot planted on the brakes (ABS not seeming to do a thing in this case).

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                                            Kevin Stockard

                                            Hello Mark,



                                            Upon modifying the registry for my BOOTCAMP, the registry changes do not allow the RealView graphics to be undimmed. I assume that the key "Parallels using NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M" should be changed to "BOOTCAMP using AMD Radeon 6750M"

                                            given that my MacBook Pro "15" has an AMD Radeon 6750M graphics card?





                                            I do have a key titled "Parallels and NVIDIA Corporation" for which I modified the Workarounds as you specified. However, I am confused as to why such a key exists given that I have never used Parallels on my Mac -- on BOOTCAMP.


                                            If you can steer me in the right direction, that would be great!  Thanks again.


                                            Kevin Stockard

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                                      Mark Biasotti

                                      Hi Mark,


                                      FYI - Correction since my first post of this - yes, draft check does work but doesn't work in the mode that I prefer "Gradual transition".



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                                Mark Matthews

                                Hey Mark,


                                I've installed 2015 on my MacBookPro, and while the Real Hack solution worked for 2014, their version for 2015 is not working at all. I've tried entering values in the registry like you've described above, but still not working. Any in your crew using 2015 on WIN8.1?

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                                  Michael Hibbard

                                  THIS WORKS on the new 2015 MacbookPro Retina 2015 with the AMD Radeon R9 M370X! Yes, I do have hardware accelerated graphics and RealView on my 2015 MBPr w/ AMD graphics.


                                  Thank you!.


                                  The only difference is that instead of  "Parallels using NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M” I used "Parallels using ATI Radeon R9 M370X OpenGL Engine".


                                  Also note, I was already using my hardware accelerated graphics before this (Use Software OpenGL Graphics" option was already unchecked for me thanks to KB Parallels: Hardware acceleration is grayed out in SolidWorks.


                                  Hope this helps anyone with the new macbook pro with AMD.



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                                    Riviere Jean-Michel



                                    I am having exactly this graphic acceleration problem running solidworks 2017 on MAC + VMware Fusion (Windows 10). My graphic card is an AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 Mo. Do you have any hint on helping me ?



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                                      T. Z.

                                      Found a solution for my spec !!! Thank you.


                                      I'm using

                                           - MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013):

                                           - High Sierra 10.13.2

                                           - CPU: 2 GHz Intel Core i7

                                           - RAM - 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

                                           - Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

                                      Win 10 on Parallels (Version 13.1.1 (43120))


                                      Making long story short, as suggested here and on other forums-

                                      Adding 'Key' (folder)

                                           "Parallels using Intel Iris Pro OpenGL"


                                           HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\SOLIDWORKS 2017\Performance\Graphics\Hardware\Gl2Shaders\Other\

                                                Inside creating 'DWORD (32-bit)'

                                           "Workarounds" with value 40000

                                      Finding 'Key' (folder)

                                           "Parallels and Intel Inc."


                                           HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\SOLIDWORKS 2017\Performance\Graphics\Hardware\

                                                and changing

                                           "Workarounds" value 4000480


                                      and Wuala!

                                      Hope it works for you too!