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    Boundary Surface - When and Why

    Chevis Watkinson
      I'm looking for some information on the Boundary surface tool, I've don the SW tutorial (nozzel head) but I am loking for more inforamtion on it. The items that I am trying to learn are as follows:

      When is it best to be used

      What are the pro's of using it

      What are the con's of using it

      Were can I find more tutorials on the use of this tool

      Were can I find samples of surface that were created using this

      I've beeing doing surfaceing for 12 years using Alias, ICEM, SDRC and Solidoworks for for a variety of products, and my initial reaction to this tool is that is is a dangerous one to use as you limited control of the the surface and what happens beteen your boundaries. But I want to learn more.....

      Chevis W.
        • Boundary Surface - When and Why
          Charles Culp
          Read Mark Biasotti's post in this thread:

          Review Michael Wilson's Model in this thread:

          Loft (as stated by Mark B. somewhere) is simply a variable sweep, that is controlled on both ends, as well as with constraints along its length. Boundary surface is a tool that controls curvature in all directions with the constraint curves. You can set up a boundary surface where the curvature is controlled with one spline, while the "trim edges" are controlled with another; thus it does not have to be controlled with just the trim edges, as your post makes it sound. I will try and post an example.

          This does not have to do with boundary surfaces in particular, but is a good one to read too:
            • Boundary Surface - When and Why
              Chevis Watkinson

              I want to thank you for the great information and the helpful links, I have been doing class A surfacing for 12 years now using various products, and in the past I have used SW but primarily as a solid modeling tool. I'm now at a company were we have Alias and SW and for the less complex surfacing I would really prefer to use SW so that we are not providing clients with hybrid models if not needed. So I am try as quick as I can to learn the surfacing tools within SW along with there limits and capabilities.

              We also have two other modelers who us SW but are not use to more complex surfacing techniques, and determining what is "clean" surface and what is not in regards to highlight control, and curvature continuity. So I am trying to teach them how to evaluate and build clean surfaces and how your surfaces are only as good as what you build from. The push back I am getting is that surfacing within SW is trial and error and you just have to play with the tools...... Were in my experience surfacing is systematic approach and by understanding your tools and geometry you can predict and understand what your surface will be....... So long story short if you also have links on "understanding surfaces" in SW that would be great.

              My long winded email for the month...

              Chevis W.