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    Autosaving new assy's as Assem1.sldasm

    Zach Martin

      I will walk through this problem:


      1. I make a new assy, Solidworks calls it "Assem1" in the title bar.

      2. I make or add some parts and then do some designing 'in context' of the assembly. E.g. make virtual parts, or add externally-saved parts and make references between them.

      3. I hit Save or Save As and change the name Assem1.sldasm to something more descriptive like Giant-killer-robot.sldasm, and click Save, but then I get an error dialog that says parts are going out of context because I'm creating a 'new' assembly file, and you should rename all the parts etc.  It seems that Assem1.sldasm was already saved somewhere automatically.


      This seems to be a new behavior as of SW2015.  In previous versions of SW I was able to start a new assy, make parts, and then hit Save and give it any name I want and it was done.

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          S. Casale

          In my opinion, this error message displayed is unclear. What it means and does are different.


          I often do the same (save as) and receive the same message-having no problem. There may have been an auto-recover file saved in your specified file location (depending on you save settings - interval and location), but I find that the in-context parts that this message is warning of, do not have reference problems.


          You can choose to keep the autorecover files, or delete, depending on your comfort level of your file structures.

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            Jamil Snead

            This behavior is there in 2014 too. I think it's stupid that they don't just give you an option to update the references to the newly saved assembly.