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    opendoc6, quickview API, VB macro

    Maxim Frayer

      I have a set of drawing documents that will not load properly under the following statement:


      Set swDrawModel = swApp.OpenDoc6(S, swDocDRAWING, swOpenDocOptions_Silent + swOpenDocOptions_RapidDraft, Empty, nErrors, nWarnings)


      Under these circumstances, there are no errors or warnings set,  even though the object pointer swDrawModel = Nothing.


      The contradiction to this is that the same code will execute properly (i.e., not come back with a null pointer) on a different set of drawings.  The difference between the functioning and broken drawing sets appears to be a assembly versus a part only for the model reference.


      By the way, I able to load all drawing sets (properly) in the solidworks manager, as detached, without issue.  If I save the broken drawing as detached, then it will load in the above macro (which is not the desired workflow!).


      Running SW2015, sp 2.1