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    unmodified checked-in parts show as being modified

    J. Frowde



      Not sure if this is a SW or EPDM problem...but here goes. We're running SW2015 & EPDM2015.


      We have a common problem here, where parts & drawings that have been updated and checked in successfully will later show as being modified and needing check out/rebuild/save/check in.


      We work by checking in child parts & drawings first, usually individually, then moving up the tree checking in the parent assemblies. This way should IMO avoid changes in lower levels affecting higher levels in the tree.


      The issue shows itself in the parent assembly, it's reproducible but not consistent. If you check the parts/drawings out again, rebuild, save and check in all looks OK, but when you try to check in the parent assembly you get a warning because the part is again showing as being modified. Repeatedly checking out and resaving usually cures the problem, although it can reappear at a later date.


      When a part is used in multiple assemblies, if a part becomes out of date in one assembly, it also affects all the others, so opening one of these shows that the assembly needs checking out and rebuilding.


      Clearly very frustrating particularly in large assemblies with many sublevels. We're trying to keep all our CAD models tidy & up to date.


      As the parts are checked in, how can they show as being modified?


      Our VAR has not offered much in the way of a solution (this has been going on a while) other than reinstalling both SW & EPDM, upgrading from 2014 to 2015 did not remove the issue.


      Any ideas?

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          Brian McEwen

          First of all - I'd suggest turning off the "Not Rebuilt" warning. See Group Settings >> Reference Dialog.  I assume that is what is bothering you?

          Having it off is not an issue for most situations. When you Get Latest you get all the latest components even if the assembly was not checked in with the latest versions.  I turned off the warning and that was the end of the annoyance.


          Somewhat Related posts - just indicates others have had erratic behavior on a similar situation.

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          And certainly turn off the Stops in the Group Properties >> Warnings section. Probably already off.

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              J. Frowde

              I understand what you're saying but isn't this is just hiding the problem? If a part is genuinely out of date it won't show?

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                  Brian McEwen

                  Provided you use some good modelling practices, and check the results of your changes - it is not really hiding a problem.  A bad case would be modifications to part 123 that break mates in assembly A, B and C.  But if you are looking and your assembly are still good - then you don't need to check it in-out, that is just extra work.  But SolidWorks and EPDM are not smart enough to be sure if everything is okay, so they want you to officially rebuild it. And as you noted sometimes this warning seems erroneous - you didn't change anything - so that leads to Warning Fatigue.


                  "If a part is genuinely out of date it won't show?"

                  Hmm, not sure exactly what you are thinking of.  The part could change dramatically, yes, that is why you do need to check the Where-Used and make sure they are okay.  If you have a big group of CAD users and some of them routinely cherry bomb assemblies then it may be a different story at your company, but we are able to manage pretty well without using that warning.  Also most of our more complicated parts are only used in one assembly.

                  In my opinion the Not Rebuilt warnings have little value as a reminder because they come up so often.


                  You may also want to think about what could happen if you use "Get Referenced Version" on the assembly. I explained that a bit here: Re: Assembly File Roll Back Problem in PDM

                  So if you try to get something other than the latest versions of everything the lack of perfect version sync may be an issue... But actually this would not be a problem with what you are describing (you seem to be just annoyed by the warning which is effectively incorrect) -  since you check in all the parts and work your way up to the parent assembly - which I agree is the ideal practice (but we only do that consistently if the parent assembly is part of the  Engineering Change Order which resulted in CAD changes). 


                  ...I hope that makes sense, I said the same thing a few different ways I think.

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                Jeremy Feist

                do any of these parts have configurations?