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    macro for dxf

    Justin Fatland

      I am looking for a macro to dxf my model piece parts.  Every time I create one it wont work due to the error of current view.

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          Charles Allie

          When creating a .dxf of a model, you can select the views you want to add, which would mostly likely be Front, Right, Top and maybe an Isometric view. I do not know what you mean by error of current view. Does it not ask you which views you want to add? Does it, and then once you select the check-mark give you an error?

          Thirdly, what do you want the macro to do? Go through all your parts and create .dxf files? If so, you most likely have to find the source of your error before getting a macro to do it for you, since the macro will not work if you can not do it manually.


          Edit: There exists an excellent macro for exporting into new file formats, but unfortunately it does not have .dxf for models only for drawings. You can either make drawings of your parts and export them in one step with this macro, which would be useful since your .dxf would already be organized as a nice drawing, or you can add .dxf to the model export list, but I do not know what the resulting .dxf would look like.


              You can find the macro here at Lenny's SolidWorks Resources  under DocExport.

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            Deepak Gupta

            Share your macro here and somehow would help in fixing that. Also there are many DXF export macros on this forum you could search, modify and use.

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              Joe Campuzano

              Thanks Deepak, I will try.