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    Formats reload brings extra custom properties

    Danny Bradford

      Greetings all,


      We have relatively recently created a new ePDM vault with new drawing templates and new complete top down methodology and new variables both in the ePDM vault and in the drawing.


      After creating all clean formats for the template and the format templates for some reason when we reload the format those old custom property variables are imported with the format reload.


      Can anyone please explain where these custom properties are coming from and how to eliminate them?

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          Scott Harvey

          Don't know how much experience you have creating templates so forgive me if you are a pro because this is a basic problem to new users.  The Template saves the custom properties not the Sheet Format.  So if you changed all your variables and saved the sheet format you didn't save the variables.


          Also when you save the template make sure under your properties the sheet format is the one you want at the Location you want.  


          If that's not the reason when you say "old custom property variables are imported".  Imported where?  To the Custom or Config tab or somewhere in the vault.  Do your new variable show up?

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              Danny Bradford

              Thank you very much for the response. I always hope people assume I know nothing because there could easily be something I have missed.


              I believe I have figured out the problem. I found empty text within the format which was linked to custom properties. It seems that this will auto-create the properties in the custom properties when reloading the sheet format:



              So I hope this will help others when they have mysterious properties added when reloading a format.


              Thanks again!