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Write custom property to weldment cutlist item from part property

Question asked by Eric Fox on Dec 17, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by Lucas PRIEUR

I've searched through the forum, as well as google, and couldn't quite find a solution to my issue. I have found a couple of discussion posts that deal with parts of what I'm looking to achieve.


I found a macro script in another post ( that is run on the top-level assembly file, and will write back a custom property to each part file for the total quantity used in the assembly. This works GREAT for anything that is NOT a cutlist item (unless I am missing something).


So, now what I am looking for is a portion of script that can be added to this macro that will take my new part property (autoqty), and multiply this by the quantity for cutlist items, written to the cutlist item (not the part properties) as a custom property that I can then pull into a BOM/cut list table. Does this make sense?


I also replied to another thread ( that seemed similar to what I'm trying to achieve.


I'm new to working with the API, and don't have any programming experience/background, but I can provide any additional information needed.


Much appreciated for the help in advance!