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Need help modifying a "sheet format update" macro

Question asked by Taylor Rucker on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by Elisabeth Daley

I have hundreds of blueprints already created with multiple sheet formats throughout the bunch. All of the sheet formats were modified from one original that just happened to have a typo. Long story short I'm having to go through and modify the sheet formats. I found one of Deepak's macros that works pretty well for this. However I need to make a few changes and haven't had any luck doing it on my own yet. I need to be able to browse for the path name of where my sheet format is and browse for the sheet format .slddrt file. Currently both of these are static. I also need to be able to choose multiple folders when deciding what folder to update, rather than just one. I will include the macro as it currently sits, please feel free to ask questions about anything that I didn't make clear.