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    Configuration Issues in Large Assemblies

    Stephen Lapic

      Several issues are being experienced when working in large assemblies containing many copies of the same part, multiple configurations, sub-assemblies, and virtual files. Solidworks may be pulling bits and pieces from one configuration, and applying it to another configuration, especially on virtual files. Files that have been made virtual also display the incorrect
      configuration occasionally. Exploded views may show up on configurations that do not contain exploded views. Large assemblies tend to bog down once configurations are created. Things bog down further when a drawing is created and begins to  pull more than 1 configuration.


      What are some suggestions to help performance issues in large assemblies? What assemblies techniques tend to strain Solidworks more? Does making more parts and/or sub-assemblies virtual help increase or decrease performance? Using lightweight assembly mode has not made a difference in performance in my particular situation.

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          Mark Kaiser

          I don't really know the answer.  My largest assemblies are generally under 100 parts, with maybe 10 sub assemblies thrown in there.  I use virtual parts sometimes in concept/prototype designs.  Some of the conceptual design stuff gets kind of messy.


          I've found with myself, that when a virtual part doesn't work, or a flexible sub is going awry, the problem is pebkac (problem exists between keyboard and chair), in other words, the problem is myself, and how I set something up.


          On your making parts or subs virtual, I would guess the less that are virtual the better, since it is my understanding that virtual parts are stored and solved within the assembly, so this would make more work for the assembly file.  Sounds like your problem is with virtual components, since you mention them a few times.  Maybe try and avoid them and see if this helps?


          Can you create a small assembly with a repeatable error of what you are seeing and upload it?