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Trouble creating surface out of point cloud extracted from bathymetry data

Question asked by Sonia Sandoval on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by Mike Price

So, I am a student working on a project involving bathymetry data in my 3D printing lab. Our goal is to be able to print models of the ocean floor and the land masses that lead there. Our data sets come from the GEBCO grid display software which contains latitude, longitude, and depth in .asc files. Here is a small sample, there are hundreds of these points.

When uploading this file as a point cloud, however, all I get is a straight line.


I then converted the .asc to .csv to inspect the data points and they look normal as far as I can tell. Can anyone offer any assistance as to why this keeps occuring? Ive tried different sets of data from all over the world using this grid, but to no help. Thanks in advance!