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    Show/Hide Edges in 2013 and 2014

    Matt Hendey

      I have a question about Show/Hide Edges in Solidworks Drawings regarding some odd behavior I am seeing. Until 2013 all went well when using this tool, which I use a lot. In 2013 I found that when I used the tool a second time or third time on the same view to selected a feature to be visable or not things don't go as expected. Some times the features would change back to the Show state or others would change to Hide. Also in some views I was unable to box select a group of features especially in more complex views.


      Now in 2014 if I try to use the tool many random features will disappear in the preview until I close the tool. I can still select features to Hide or Show them but I have to hover over an area until the features shows up in orange.


      My main question is does anyone else see this behavior or odd behavior with this tool period?