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    Jessica Hughes
      I am trying to convert my .jpg image to vector data through auto trace. Usually I would just use a vector file to begin with, but I was just trying it this way to learn how to do it. My problem is once I have inserted the image as a sketch picture I am able to move it, scale it, and change it's transparency, but it never gives me the option for auto trace. The help menu says there should be an arrow that will allow me to view a second page to this property manager, but I don't see that arrow. Am I looking in the wrong place for the auto trace function or is there something else I need to do to on my sketch before I get that option?
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          Rob Jensen
          do you have it added in...?
          tools, addin, autotrace
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              Jessica Hughes
              That will do it. Thought I had all my add-ins checked, but I guess I didn't.
              Thank you.
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                  Bryan Obermeyer
                  OK! Is Auto Trace something availble in 2008 (I'm on 07 2.2)
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                      Rob Jensen
                      yes, it's new to 2008
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                          John Kreutzberger
                          Anybody having any luck with this in SW 2008, sp2?

                          I tried it for the first time today and did not get anything usable. All I had was a .bmp file and the resolution was a paltry 72 dpi, so I am guessing that is a big part of my problem. However, before I make a lot of noise, I thought I would ask to see what others do for this sort of thing.

                          I am being asked to put a logo on an inventor's part file before designing a mold for it. I don't know how the logo was created. My wife opened it up in her Photoshop and she said it looked all jagged-bitmappy was the exact quote. Her time is expensive - , so I think I am better off kicking it back to my customer. Any hints on what I should ask for?

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                              Matt Lombard
                              I think this might be a good use for an Adobe Illustrator file, which you can read right in to SW. I've never used them before, but they sound useful. The Help is wonderfully vague about it. It sounds like you can only get sketches if you have both SW and AI on the same machine, otherwise you get "objects".

                              Maybe they could give you a dxf. Doesn't hurt to ask.

                              I've tried to use the autotrace too, and Biasotti says that it works best between blocks of contrasting areas, not with line art. I've never been asked to use it on any files that it ever worked on, so I've given up on it.

                              Best formats would I think be hi-res, 2 color bitmaps or tifs.

                              If worst comes to worst, you could just trace over it.

                              Best of luck.
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                      Kelvin Lamport
                      Ideally an Adobe Illustrator file.
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                          Mark Matthews
                          I have used dxf's from illustrator files for years, and inevitably I end up tracing over them with splines, lines and arcs in sketcher. I find the quality of the linework coming through the translation to be dismal. Also, many illustrator files are created by graphic designers who have no intention of making anything 3-D out their files, and looking closely at the turns their bezier splines makes proves it. Many times I've tried to use the raw data only to get surface extrudes with folds in them that won't draft, or won't even extrude.

                          I have not yet tried the Auto Trace function, but I bet your going to get lots of extra entites that squiggle around and still need drastic editing.