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    Drawing Window Massively oversize

    Simon Burt

      Good Morning all,


      I have a problem with a drawing where something has flung its self to the far reaches of the window,


      The issue is that my mouse cursor can go all the way out to 40,000 meters from the actual sheet which means that it takes FOREVER to zoom in with the scroll wheel,

      even with the zoom to selection it takes many, many clicks to get back, this is wasting many hours as I typically double click the scroll wheel to zoom centre, but now that seems to leave me with the widow being as big as Wales (the UK country)

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          Deepak Gupta

          Check and set all layers to on mode. Then inspect to make sure that there are no entities/annotations in the zoom out area. Also uncheck "Hide dangling dimensions and annotations" under Tools > Options > Document Properties > Detailing to make sure there is no hidden dangling stuff.


          Finally if there are no views in that drawing, then better start a new one. If you find it is still doing same thing with the new drawing also then save your sheet format, start a new drawing with a different sheet format/size (you may use the one default from SOLIDWORKS) and then swap the sheet format. Save your drawing template and all should be fine.