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    EPDM "Apply to Folders" broken?

    Eric Allen

      I'm losing my mind trying to keep my folder views sorted the way I want them. I like to have files sorted by type and then by name (A-Z). This is no problem in Windows outside of the vault.


      I know that I can only "Apply to Folders" in the root of the vault. When I sort my files here and then hit "Apply to Folders" it immediately changes the sort to Z-A. I struggle to find things and spend more time clicking the sort buttons to get everything looking right. Is there any solution to this problem?

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          Peer Larson

          Hello Eric,


          Have you tried performing the "Apply to Folders" from the folder that contains your vault view rather than within the vault view?  In my experience this generally solves the problem for within the vault as well.



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              Eric Allen

              The "Apply to Folders" will only work in the root and that's where I've been trying it. It's not working properly there.


              I like the search tool, but it doesn't work for our application. We need to open and edit multiple files in a folder and need to see them quickly. We've been used to one thing for the history of our company and we don't want to change because something is broken.


              Thanks for the ideas though!

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              Jim Stone

              If you spend a lot of time looking for files, have you tried using the search tool? Everyone's case is different, but I live in that all day and rarely browse to files in the vault.


              Find the "Search.exe" file in the Program Files\SolidWorks Enterprise PDM folder and make a shortcut to it and use the Complete search. It'll find anything. And if you leave off the last character of something you're looking for (no wildcard necessary), sometimes you find some surprises that need cleaning up! Works for me.

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                Eric Allen

                Apparently EPDM doesn't have the same sorting abilities as Windows Explorer. I assumed it would since it looks like Windows Explorer. It has been assigned an SPR, but I think that just means it's an enhancement request. Here is the number:


                If this problem affects you, please tell your VAR.