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    Ice cream modeling

    Domenic Russo

      Hi there


      Does anyone have any thoughts on how the ice cream scoop could be modeled?

      I need to achive the creases and folds.




      light-c1960s-peters-ice-cream-cone-80cm-tall (1).jpg

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          Jack Murphy

          the cone would be a simple revolve, for the ribs on it though I would try a projected curve or spiral that could go down the cone shape, to which you sweep a profile along, or try a wrap feature?


          best technique would to be do half the model and then mirror it, this would save the feature needing to go all the way around. For example if you wanted to try it with square cut, then use a cut offset from surface. indent it a little then mirror it across etc.


          hope this gives you some advice to go forward with.

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              Jesse Robbers

              I don't mess with the freeform tool hardly at all, but this might be a good condition for it to create the creases in the ice cream scoop. I understand it to be that you would create a plane about the center line of each crease, use that plane to have push/pull handles created within the freeform tool to create each crease. A plane and freeform feature would be needed for each crease.

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              Deepak Gupta

              How bout using a loft the to a circle on top and cloud as t cream base over cone.