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    Mate Errors / No mate errors?

    Brian Titus

      Having a seemingly strange problem:

      • Assemblies with a large number of mates seem to have the mates "blow up" at random times
      • Assemblies saved with no mate errors suddenly show mate errors upon opening/
      • Open an assembly that shows a ton of mate errors, fix one mate and mate errors go away.  CTRL-Q and they are back
      • Repair all of the broken mates and save.  Re-Open assembly, mates show as unsolvable.  CTRL-Q fixes.
      • Assemblies with flexible mates show errors on open.  CTRL-Q fixes them


      No top down references

      No circular references


      SolidWorks 2014 SP5 x64


      Anybody else experiencing weird mate solving issues?

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          Asdfa Afsdaff

          I see this every now and then.  My suspicion is that the assembly is overconstrained in a way that allows it to solve.  For example, if you have two identical rectangular plates with a hole through the middle and constrain them using a concentric mate on the holes and a coincident mate on the vertical faces, they are overconstrained, but will solve because the faces line up.  The coincident mate should be a parallel mate, which would accomplish the same thing without overconstraining the assembly.  The fact that it is overconstrained but solvable, probably gives SW some headaches.  It's just a theory, but might be worth checking.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            I have had similar issues in the past, but they've gotten better.  One thing that I've found that will almost always cause problems is mating inserted components to other components that were brought in with a Pattern or Mirror instead of being mated.

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              John Stoltzfus

              I've had issue similar to what you mention, I am on the impression that with prior versions you could have 2 or 3 mates doing the same thing and it was ok to have multiple mates (especially if you have a large assembly), now SW makes that an error, that's just my assumption, only because if that happens I start on the top of the mate list and start deleting all the Red one by one, till it rebuilds ok and I have noticed that I didn't have to always add/replace the mate I just deleted..

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                Chris Michalski

                I have had instances where my feature tree will randomly hemorrhage on rebuild.  Typically I am able to get it back by simply suppressing one or several of the bad mates and rebuilding.  Then I'll find a different way of applying one of those suppressed mates to avoid any possible confusion.  Like John said it's usually a duplication of a DOF that seems to cause it so I just assume it's a rounding issue on the 8th decimal or something.

                Other times suppressing doesn't seem to work but as soon as I delete a failed mate everything is good in the world.  (I've also had an assembly complain about mates inside a (known good) sub-assembly only to open the sub and it rebuilds fine, then the main assembly does too.) 

                I just consider it part of SW's personality.  I recently updated from 2011 to 2014 SP5 and it does seem more prevalent (working with the same models) now than it used to be.

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                  John Stoltzfus

                  Brian - Are you using EPDM or PDM -  We feel some of our issues stem from not using PDM.  Here it seems there is a disconnect and primarily because of the work flow or rather a lack of.  I am working right off the server (not good practice at all), and I kept seeing issues just like you mentioned and one day our IT/Programmer guy was with me when I made some changes to an assembly and the next morning those changes were gone.  So finally I had a witness of making changes and then those changes not keeping it updated. 


                  The best mate out there is..........


                  Part One has a hole or a circle sketch - Part Two has a hole or a circle sketch - mate them coincident and lock the rotation   Shortens your list of mates - but my list of oooo la la's is still there

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                    John Stoltzfus

                    Brian just to echo what you're saying -


                    I opened a drawing that I did open for about 6 months and this is what it looked like;





                    So I had to recreate all my section views