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    Rotation Check Box Not Appearing [Flow Simulation Wizard]

    Zachary Pearson

      The title basically says it all. I am trying to run an external flow simulation on a contra-rotating propeller system and when I get to the "Analysis Type" step in the wizard the Rotation check box is simply not there. I have looked around but can not seem to find a solution even though I have a feeling it's right under my nose. Also I already tried reinstalling to no avail.


      One more thing to note is that it runs on a team mates laptop with the option for rotation there.


      Thanks ahead of time for any help.

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          Shivani Patel

          Hmm I am not sure what is happening here. If your teammate saves the project with rotation checked, and you open the file after, do you see Rotation checked in the General Settings of the project? There is also a Flow Example that is pre-set up with Rotation checked. Does this have Rotation checked and run? Mine is located in C:>Program Files > SOLIDWORKS Corp 2015 >  SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation > Examples > c5 - rotating impeller > ready to run


          Is the word "Rotation" there, but the checkbox is just missing? Maybe there is a graphics card driver problem.