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Enhancement Requests

Question asked by Steve Calvert on Feb 8, 2008
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by Dennis Dohogne
I guess the topic summary is directed towards those within Solidworks who might be able to answer or give insite.

I would like to have a forum here that deals with Enhancement Requests. It is mainly an idea center were users could voice an idea and others would react on it. Basically, it would become a virtual whiteboard for brainstorming new ideas. WE are the users and most of the ideas for the enhancements that SW puts into the new releases comes from us.

OK, since I started this most of you are going to expect me to come up with an idea to start things off, here it goes:

In another major CAD software package I had the ability to enter text as well as numbers into the dialog box when sketching or creating a feature. This saves me time because I did this all on the fly. I have already submitted this request but feel that if others understood what I was after, they, too, would be interested in having this function. Let me give an example: In plastic part design you want to adhere to certain guidlines that are based on past part design and industry standards. For instance, take a 4" by 8" retangle with 1" depth now you shell this to .125". Most people understand that I now will want to make a relation or link that .125 shell feature value to "wall". Moving on in the design, my next feature might be some ribs. I sketch some lines to represent the ribs and the do a rib feature. At this point I'd like to enter in the dialog box .6wall which means I want to create a rib that will be 60% of the wall thickness. I don't have to link or make any relations it does all that on the fly.

This is a very short description (ok long one) on how one might use this technique. I would use it everything I did, from Plastic Part Design, Casting Design and Sheet Metal Design.