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    Update system option of components

    Scott Baugh

      I think I know the answer, but I was curious if anyone has found a way to update the Doc Prop info of any file type in SW (Part, Assembly, Drawing) to where it updates the Document property info to the new standard?


      The company I currently work was just using the default standard of ISO with fractional units, but now we are using ANSI with decimal units with some modifications. When we use old assemblies\parts it brings over all the old standards and its a real pain to either manually replace the doc info or use a ANSI-Modified standard saved file for each component. I am looking for a something that can do a folder full of files. We work with large assemblies and it can be very time consuming as well as something that is forgotten as we work.


      Also when I use an external file it does not update the unit information It maintains whether its fractional or decimal... I still have to manually change those options.





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          John Stoltzfus

          Scott -


          Here I use the Custom Property Tab Builder a lot and set them up so there are only minor edits if required.  Then when I get a custom project that can be based off of something that is close, I update all the pertinent info using SolidWorks Task Scheduler, which takes only a few minutes and all my information is updated.  You can choose an entire folder to update...


          However, all your Custom Properties need to be in the Default Configuration, otherwise the Task Scheduler, won't update the files.

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              Scott Baugh

              Thanks for the suggestion John.


              However I do have the CP tab builder set up with all our new files and it does work with our new files, but it doesn't fix the units or the actual settings within the Document Properties under Tools\Options. The Tab builder only controls the file properties or attributes of the file.


              Are you saying you use the Task scheduler to update the Document Properties?? I do not see any option in the Task Scheduler to update the Doc Props... update files from what I know only works if you are updating files from one version to another.

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              Shaodun Lin

              Hi  Scott:


              I used this : CustomSolids for SolidWorks

              CustomSolids for SolidWorks


              It works fine.

              Custom Properties Propa-Gator 

              Easy as 1-2-3  

                  Step 1: Choose the Files

                       Step 2: Define the Properties

                                 Step 3: Choose the Options


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                  Scott Baugh

                  Thanks for the suggestion Shaodun Lin. However I think there is a misunderstanding. I don't care about the Custom Properties, I am needing to change the Document Properties (Tools\Options\), which are set per the Template file when the file was first created. The Document Properties controls the standard and how dimensions look per the standard that is used along with the units whether you use Inches, MM or Fractions. Here is the menu I am talking about:


                  Doc Props.jpg


                  This menu is not controlled by the Custom Properties in anyway.


                  if you have or know of a 3rd party app that can change all this info per my requirement then I would love to hear about it.



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                  Deepak Gupta

                  You can save out the new standard as external file and then you can import that file into older files. You can try this method and see if this helps.


                  Here is a macro to batch update files if required Re: Macro for applying a drawing standard to multiple files (there are few other in the same post, so check which suits your need)

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                      Scott Baugh

                      Thanks Deepak!!


                      I will check out the Macro and the others in the post. The only thing I can see that does not change when I use a saved standards file is the units do not update to the new requirement. It stays whatever it was lets say fractions. I change it to decimal manually and it defaults to 6 places passed the decimal.


                      If its a standard to use decimals at 2 places, and its saved in the standards file, then why doesn't it update... have you seen this as well when you use a external standards file?


                      Thanks DeePak!!

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                      John Stoltzfus

                      Ok, I didn't get the original question....


                      Open up any document and adjust what you need then save it out as a template and also save the drawing format etc.... I think your values ISO or ANSI comes from the part file and is controlled there, however I may be mistaken. 


                      It is a pain if you have new Drawing documents, the re-load macros won't do you a thing, it just tries to reload the original template, so it's like this, click on a drawing/properties/browse for the new drawing doc and hit ok.........


                      Parts and assembly tools/options/document settings

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                          Scott Baugh

                          Thanks again for the reply John..


                          I have the Template stuff all taken care of. I also have an external standards file as well. That seems to work when I do it like that, but only for some of it, not everything. To me a standard change should change everything related, including units and it doesn't.


                          I was looking for a program\macro to replace the Document property or even push out a standard across several files. Since using an external file can be overlooked so easily. Its not something you can trust the users of your company to remember every time they open an old file.


                          As for the drawing it is required to change the title block \ sheet format using the method you mentioned above. Usually we just redo the drawing because using that method doesn't help us in anyway, because it does not change the document properties either. Even though the new format has the new standards saved within it continues to load the old info. To make matters worse the text in the title block does not come over right either... which is another question for another day.



                          Like I said in the beginning I think I know the answer, replace the Standard using an external file and manually change the units... which seems like a real PITA, since units are usually part of a standard that is created. its also a PITA I cannot replace\update an old drawing with the new sheet format\ title block and the doc props not get updated to the new standard as well.


                          I still have to check out the macros from Deepak, so that might be a possible solution for parts \ assemblies maybe even drawing, just not sure yet.

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                              Bill Stadler

                              We saved external standards files as well.  We have also run into certain things that do not get applied that are supposed too. We sent one of the standards to SW and I do not recall what their answer was.  But in the end I had to changes some other setting in the standards to get the on that was not applying to apply and resave it out.  This was all back when we went to 2014.  Today I noticed the center mark extension line value was not being applied.  Still SW2014.  I am at the point where I am going to nix them a recreate them from scratch,


                              This really should be an easy thing to do...


                              I will be checking Deepak's macro out as well.

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                            John Stoltzfus

                            Well you got a huge challenge in front of you, surely connecting with Deepak will be the right move...


                            I found out the hard way change drawing templates, so I know a little what you're up against. 


                            PITA - could have said it better