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    Create Balloon for 1 (Changing) Component

    Brett Hausler

      We have a design automation program that takes customer input values to automatically build a SolidWorks assembly to match those requirements.


      I have just started to design the drawings that need to automatically come out of this process and have been unable to come up with a way to create a balloon the way I need.

      In the image above I have a balloon linked to the custom property of that sensor to show the Part Name. The issue is I this may be switched out for a different type of sensor. How can I attach a balloon (or note) to whatever sensor is chosen every time?


      I thought about trying to lock the view position and add a balloon at that exact coordinate position but due the the size of the whole assembly changing (and sheet scale changing with it) I have been unable to keep the sensor always located at the same coordinates.


      I appreciate any thought or ideas you may have.





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          Alan Bumbaugh



          inside your annotation select the "Add symbol" button




          then select your symbol, it will stay with your note.


          symbol library.png

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              Brett Hausler



              Thanks for the response, but I need the annotation to be linked to the custom property of the indicated item.

              In our case this item may be suppressed by the design automation program and have a different item unsuppressed in its place.



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                  Josh Brady

                  I believe you basically have 3 options:


                  1. Make this changeable item to be different configurations of the same file.  That way the note always stays attached.

                  2. Using your program, reattach the existing note.

                  3. Using your program, add the note at runtime rather than having it in the template drawing.

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                      Brett Hausler



                      For various reasons I am unable to make all these options into 1 configurable file.


                      I am trying to accomplish either 2 or 3 but do not know hot to make it happen.


                      I could write the code to create the note every time easily enough if the part was always in the same location on the drawing.  Unfortunately the product size this part is attached to can vary in size greatly. When it varies I am changing the sheet scale to have the view fill approximately the same amount of space. In doing this the part I want to attach the note to can move.


                      The only other idea I have come up with would be to somehow loop through all the parts in the assembly and if I find a part number that matches one of the options for this sensor then add that number to a note. If I can get the parts location I would attach a leader to it but it is not necessary.

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                  Bernie Daraz

                  Looking at Alan Bumbaugh's post, just select the next icon to the left, it is the Property Selector. You can attach the properties from part the note is attached to. You might find issues of the note leader becoming unattached to the changing item and displaying as a blank. You make have to insert and origin or some other reference to attach the note to that will be consistent. Process: Select Note tool, attach the note to the item and select the Property tool to select the property to attach.