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sub assembly in context

Question asked by Nigel Ball on May 11, 2015
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im new to SW (Inventor user). I am mid way into an In context Assembly. I created a base sketch and im using this to drive my dimensions. Each part i have created is mated to the sketch ( or mated to a part that is mated to the sketch ). All works ok until i create a Sub Assembly of some parts. To me, this is correct modelling to place parts into a sub assembly. The reason of this is, the Sub assembly is also drive by the main sketch dims and the sub assembly is re-used in the assembly.


My problem

when i send the parts to a sub assembly (inside the main assembly as a virtual assembly), i lose my positions and everything needs re-mating. Is this the method of SW? am i to mate / reference parts in an assembly then do them all again in a sub assembly or do the relations carry through to the sub assembly?


This is a new method for me as i usually do multi body parts and send them to an assembly but SW isnt great at working in this way. currently, i am finding the you have to a lot of things twice in SW unless i am doing a lot of things wrong lol.


Can someone just give a little bit of advice on retaining the relations / mates / references to the main assembly parts when i send them to a sub assembly?


Here is my pop up message i get: