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    Call for a myo-electric prosthetic arm creation

    Gauthier Kervyn

      Good evening Gentlemen,


      As a last year student of prosthetics and orthotics, I have been studying the issues to create a myo-electric arm with some other people.

      All members are invited to join this project, which includes a fair part of 3D modeling, based on published works on the subject, but also mechanisms and electronics.

      This project is inspired by the Bionico Hand, supported by an humanitarian NGO, and dedicated to the amputees who can not afford the official myo eletric prosthetics (which are currently very expensive).


      Hope to share the data with creative, curious and talented people and to keep it beautifull.

      The prosthetic socket modelisation will be done through open-source organic 3D modeling, and all parts are aimed to be printed in a first time.


      Best regards,



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          Jamil Snead

          With a full time job and a 21 month old son I don't have a ton of spare time, but this sounds like a great endeavor and I would like to contribute if I can. I have a fair amount of electro-mechanical and mechanism design experience.

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              Gauthier Kervyn

              I understand and it is the same a bit everywhere. Still there is a way to do much without wasting time if the work is well prepared.

              That is what I plan to do starting the end of june. The mechanical and electromechanical experience is exactly what I do not have, although I went searching, the formation I got was about human biomechanics and not industrial mechanics. With your email adress, I can propose you one document that gives a good overview of the best existing prosthetic hands(limits and requirements specific to prosthetics)- I made a resume, but it is translated in french)