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    SW2013 Add2() type swCustomInfoDouble results instead in swCustomInfoNumber

    Terry Raymond

      Can't figure out why SW is not properly setting a property to double type.



          g_bool = g_swDoc.Extension.CustomPropertyManager("0.75").Delete("test")  'delete old prop in case prop type is different
          g_bool = g_swDoc.Extension.CustomPropertyManager("0.75").Add2("test", swCustomInfoDouble, 1.02)
          ptype = g_swDoc.Extension.CustomPropertyManager("0.75").GetType2("test")
          MsgBox ptype & " " & swCustomInfoDouble


      swCustomInfoDouble = 5

      But Solidworks is setting it to type 3 = swCustomInfoNumber


      This is screwing up EPDM and EPDM is rounding my decimal value.

      SW 2013SP5


      Any ideas??  Thanks!!