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    How do you adjust the drawing sheet origin?

    Scott Kramer

      I have drawing templates for B, C, D, and E size drawings.


      In these templates, if you edit the sheet format and click on an endpoint of a line, the x-y location of that point in the pane on the left may be a different x-y location than that shown in the box at the bottom of the window.


      For my B size template, the numbers are the same.  But for the other templates, the difference in reported location is off by as much as 20 thousandths of an inch.  Enough that it visibly sticks out like a sore thumb.  When I pull up a stock SolidWorks template, the numbers are the same.  That template is also B size.


      I have determined that the location displayed at the bottom of the window is relative to the image of the paper on the screen.  The origin of the paper is the bottom left corner of the paper.


      Why is there an offset between the origin of the paper image and the origin of the lines that make up the sheet format?  More importantly, how do you get them to coincide again?  It's as if the sheet format sketch has its own origin and it needs to be made coincident with the paper origin.


      I've looked through the options and all available menu items and don't see anything that could manipulate the origins.


      Thanks for your help.

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          Asdfa Afsdaff

          I don't think it is common for Solidworks users to concern themselves with x-y coordinates or origins because they're not particularly useful.  Why do you need them?  Just trying to understand what you're trying to accomplish.

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              Scott Kramer

              This is difficult to understand.  I've used SW for 16 years and have never even thought about this.  Until now, I assumed the x-y coordinates in the left pane corresponded to the x-y coordinates at the bottom of the window.  Let me explain with an example:

              Suppose this is your SW viewport.  The beige rectangle is your drawing sheet.  You draw a line.  You click on the lower left point and assign it the coordinates 0, 0.  You click on the upper right point and assign it the coordinates 1, 1.  You click on the lower left point again and you see in the left pane that the point is at 0, 0, but you look at the bottom of your SW window and the display there says the point is at 0.015, 0.  Now you click on the upper right point.  The left pane says 1, 1.  The bottom of the window says 1.015, 1.  I know it sounds strange.  I've never seen it before either.


              My D size drawing is off by 9 ten thousandths in the x and y so you can't even tell.  The C is off by about 20 thousandths in the x direction, so a line that is supposed to span the page horizontally is off the page on one side and not quite to the edge of the page on the other side.


              I looked at all the templates I could find on our system.  It seems like our early templates are not shifted but somewhere along the line, as templates mutated, and as SW installations were implemented, some of the sheet format sketches became shifted.  For example, the D size that's off by 9 ten thousandths, is off by the same amount on all the D size templates that are off.


              It's very bazaar, I know.  If someone out there knows how to dig down deep and find this control, that would be great.


              I can not post any of the templates I am talking about.