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    workgroup PDM references and whereused

    Chris Champions

      I remember to see a code sample of how to list all ref and whereused files - Now I tried to find it but I couldn't

      Anyone has any idea how to find it

      Thank you

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          Keith Rice

          You can use the Document Manager API to get all Where Used references. This way you don't need to get any PDM system involved. See ISwDMDocument::WhereUsed.


          If you must accomplish this with Workgroup PDM, then there is a method called IPDMWDocument::WhereUsed that you can use. Here is a resource for how to use WPDM API: Workgroup PDM API Resources



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            • Re: workgroup PDM references and whereused
              Chris Champions

              Here is the code and it doesn't seem working -


                  myPDMConn.Login sUserName, sPassword, sServerName
                  Dim myPDMDoc As PDMWDocument
                  Set myPDMDoc = myPDMConn.GetSpecificDocument(FileName)
                  Dim myPDMDocs As PDMWDocuments
                  Set myPDMDocs = myPDMConn.Documents
                  Debug.Print "source file: " & myPDMDoc.Name
                  For Each myPDMDoc In myPDMDocs
                      If LCase(Right(myPDMDoc.Name, 6)) = "sldprt" Then
                          Dim myPDMRefList As PDMWLinks
                          Set myPDMRefList = myPDMDoc.References
                          Dim myPDMLink As PDMWLink
                          For Each myPDMLink In myPDMRefList
                              If LCase(Right(myPDMLink.Document.Name, 6)) = "sldasm" Then
                                  'lstCheckList.AddItem "Next Assemly: " & myPDMLink.Name
                                  Debug.Print "Next Assemly: " & myPDMLink.Name
                              End If
                      End If