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    Dispatch: Generating a Parameter File - XML Woes

    Jason Parker

      I'm attempting to use Dispatch's "Generate Parameter File" to produce an XML file which summarizes specific elements of the datacard in a format viewable from within excel. This is an easy feat for one file, but not so much for multiple files. I incorporated a TOP, BODY, and BOTTOM template files to assemble the necessary parts of an xml document with a 'for all documents' in the body to examine all files in the selection.


      The problem I'm having is summarized in the dialog below. The file is generated just fine, but isn't automatically checked in.



      Any ideas?

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          Iftach Priel



          About that error message you have there, locate the file with explorer, and try to manually check it in. If you're lucky, it won't let you, and you'll see why on the check-in dialog. It might be a matter of folder/state permission or duplicate file name.


          I don't know about XML files, but generating a CSV file with variables, and importing it automatically into Excel works for me.

          I explained how to do it over here:Re: Using the Data Card to record Engineering Change

          In order to export only one CSV file (and corresponding Excel) with variables from multiple files, make sure you check "Append to file if already exists".

          This also means that before "For all documents" you should have the script delete any pre-saved CSV file you may have exported in the previous run. Otherwise, you'll just be adding lines to the same file over and over.


          Let me know if this helps. and maybe post the full dispatch script so we can help you debug it.






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              Jason Parker

              Hey Iftach,


              Thanks so much for taking the time to respond.


              It appears that dispatch automatically tries to perform a check in operation with any attempt to generate parameter file. My script involves three templates to generate one *complete* parameter file. The templates consist of a header, body and footer, and three dispatch calls to 'generate parameter file' have to be incorporated to assemble all the parts where they belong for an XML file. EPDM's filetype awareness doesn't recognize the contents of the parameter file as expected for the file type/extension. This generates the prompt below. I believe it's this prompt that derails the dispatch script.



              I was able to get my dispatch script to work, but it's less than ideal. I can specify any file-format template in dispatch's generate parameter file. If the output file is an XML file type, however, everything goes to crap. If the output file is a generic txt or no-extension file, rename file can be used at the end of the script to make a valid XML file that EPDM won't complain about.