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Overcoming a Mass Prop unit bug, SW2014 SP5.0

Question asked by David Lyndaker on Apr 2, 2015

I have a macro that pulls various mass properties.  I've uncovered what appears to be a bug, verified by my VAR, where mass property units are not correct.  This is present in SW2014 SP5.0, apparently not in SW2015 SP2.1.  We quite frequently switch between mmgs and ips.  When that happens, the units used for Length do not change for mass properties.  For example, changing from MMGS to IPS, Surface Area will remain in mm^2 and MoI will be in lbs-mm^2.  In the case of MoI, the values are actually calculated based on these odd mixed units.  I can correct within the Mass Properties dialog by using custom settings.  However, the only way I've found to get the Length to reset properly is to open /Tools/Options and simply click OK.  Cancel won't do it.  Also, if I go to /Document Properties/Units, the Length unit appears to be set properly, however I still must click OK otherwise the Length stays incorrect.  I tried changing the system units from within my macro, and it behaves the same way.


So, is there some method within the API to simulate the same action as clicking Tools/Options OK?  Or some other means of causing Length to reset properly, short of changing my macros to set custom units for mass properties?  Mass properties are very important for my current project and I want to be able to trust that they're correct.