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Entities selection by Mouse like AutoCad

Question asked by Marcello Saracino on Mar 29, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2015 by Deepak Gupta


I 'm at the beginning of the programming API , and I come from programming in LISP AutoCAD \ VB . NET ;

I would like to create a macro in .NET Solidworks .

I would like to select the user's choice some entities in a sketch by selecting them through the click of the mouse .

At the end I would like to change the color of these selected entities .

As the user selects the entities should be observed as normally happens .

For what I understand , I have to capture the coordinates x , y , z of the various mouse clicks and then apply the method SelectById2 passing the various coordinates captured previously .... and ' correct this reasoning ? How can I do to highlight entities as that I select ?

Some expert can show me a few lines of code to give me a start ?


Another thing that I did not understand is , that while in Autocad to select entities launches GetEntities method , the selection changes to the user that selection what he wants in the methods they prefer . As you select Autocad behaves as if there were no mecro in operation , and the entities are highlighted normally .... and at the end the selection set is returned to the program .

This  approach can also do the Solidworks or not?


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