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Design Library Note - Macro Button Required

Question asked by Nick Hayman on Mar 24, 2015

Morning All,


I have come across an issue with Solidworks recognising a configuration specific custom property. Id like to be able to balloon an assembly on a drawing with a custom property that contains the SW file name and configuration name.


The custom property balloon does not pick up on the active configuration in the assembly. It doesn't translate through.


I have a work around for this and would like to streamline it a bit further. I have saved a note in the design library and I can just drag and drop onto the view and select each part separately to give it the correct SW name & Config name.


However can we create a button like the auto balloon which always uses the attached note? The idea being you click on the macro button and then the view and then each part is named as the note shows.


Looking at the bigger picture it would be worth showing in the code which note you are using so that a non user can swap the note for any reason giving the macro a wider use.


Feel a bit hard done by in having to go down this route to balloon up an assembly but that's life! Any help welcome!


Many thanks in advance.



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