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    OpenGL in SolidWorks

    Michael Deng

      how to use OpenGL in SolidWorks?

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          Hi Michael ,


          The purpose of open GL is to By pass ur Graphic when it is causing the problem. If you want to know more about this check S-039904 In SolidWorks KB.You can access this option only if there is no document opened. If a document is opened you cannot access this option.


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              Michael Deng



              Thanks for your advice.


              I want to use OpenGL to paint grahics in SolidWOrks , but I don't know how to use OpenGL APIs to make it in a SolidWorks secondary development.Use C++ to program


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                Jim Wilkinson

                Since there is sometimes confusion over this and the terminology, to be clear, SOLIDWORKS always uses OpenGL. It either users the hardware OpenGL on the graphics card (GPU) if it is a supported card/driver and handles accelerated OpenGL graphics, or it uses Software OpenGL, which means to do all the calculations on the CPU instead of the GPU. If your graphics card supports OpenGL, then the "Use Software OpenGL" option documented at the following help page forces the calculations to be done on the CPU in "software" instead of the GPU.

                2015 SOLIDWORKS Help - Performance Options

                I'm just restating what Vignesh said, with more clarification on what OpenGL is vs. the "Use Software OpenGL" option so future readers understand the differences.


                Since Michael has clarified his question that he is not actually referring to software vs. hardware OpenGL, but the desire to programmatically access the OpenGL graphics in SOLIDWORKS, I have moved this discussion to the API section of the forum. I would also suggest referring to the API Help here:

                2015 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Welcome

                And you might also want to look at the API Samples within the forum:

                SolidWorks API's


                I hope this helps,