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    Can the "Remove Thread" Option in holewizard data be set through API?

    Dave Branco

      I am trying to create a macro that will change the selected holewizard feature to the "remove thread" option (as opposed to cosmetic thread or tap drill diameter).  Here is some pseudo code I have that I can use to change other aspects of the holewizard feature


      Dim mywizholefeatdata As WizardHoleFeatureData2

      Dim swfeat As Feature

      Set mywizholefeatdata= swfeat.GetDefinition

      mywizholefeatdata.CosmeticThreadType = swCosmeticThreadNone

      boolstatus = swfeat.ModifyDefinition(mywizholefeatdata, swModel, Nothing)


      But I cannot figure out how to change the type to be "Remove Threads".

      A side note:

      mywizholefeadata.Type=swTapBlindRemoveThread   - also did not work.