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Question asked by Chris Clouser on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by Lenny Bucholz

I just wanted to post a very simple example I ran across today.


Because SW can't handle this, now I will have to spend precious time fixing problems.


The attached picture shows the problem.  a very simple ztg example.  It's a bushing that is rolled around until the edges touch.ztg.JPG


As I rotate the part in 3D a line appears and disappears where the red line above has been placed.  SW can't figure it out.


This one I will be able to quickly fix, but often it is nearly impossible.


Since our discussion on the top ten list was deleted, I wanted to start the discussion again and reiterate how important this is to many high-level users.


Another point that's been discussed is sectioning.  I was at a client's the other evening and he wanted to section an assembly to show me how they did something.  He got the invalid bodies error message and had to figure out a different way to section it.  It was a waste of our time, frustrating, and embarrassing for us as SW users.