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    Solver window layout

    Amit Katz

      Does anybody have any in-depth insight as to how the solver window layout is managed? Often times the layout will default to some particular arrangement that I do not like. For example if I run several trials on the same model, and I adjust the layout each time, the default layout may be one of my previously defined layouts, but it might not necessarily be the last one I arranged. Sometimes the preview windows will stay the same but the goal plots will disappear, for example.

      I am aware of the ability to save and load layouts in the "View" menu, but I would prefer if the software remembered my last layout automatically. Does anybody know how the "Recent" layout is saved and managed by the software?

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          Jared Conway

          pretty sure that it is based on your template and then based on your study


          so it isn't "Recent" layout, but rather however it was set for that particular study


          hence being able to save a layout and bring it back. (personally have not used that feature as i leave the bare minimums)