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    Realview graphics - NVIDIA GTX 850M

    Paul Cesak

      I have a new HP Envy Laptop (K0B71AV) with an I7-4712HQ Quad processor w/ 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M Graphics card running Windows 8.1/64.


      Realview Graphics is not showing up.


      If I go to my Display properties on my PC, it shows 2 cards... Intel HD Graphics 4600

                                                                                                        NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 850M


      On the Solidworks Graphic Cards device support finder...it does not show the GTX 850M but does show the Intel P4600


      Question one...Is there a difference in the Intel 4600 and the P4600?  Second question...do I have to deactivate the NVIDIA GTX 850M to use the 4600?


      Clearly...the GTX 850M is far superior to the INTEL 4600 on the processor.


      Thanks in advance.