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    Trying to select a plane

    Alan Jordan

      I am not writing this in any of the example languages shown in the API help, but am able to interpret most of the arguments needed.  I am new to the API and am trying to select a plane to use for a sketch.  I am using the ModelDocExtension.SelectByID method.  I am using OLE in Delphi (please don't stop reading) I have been able to get the 'SldWorks.Application' as an active OLEObject, get a new part and set a variant to ModelDocExtension, but when I call ModelDocExtension.SelectByID('Front Plane', 'PLANE, 0,0,0,false,0, ???).  The ??? is callout in the API help and I am not sure what that is.  I have assumed it is the variable I have assigned to the ActiveDoc which is my NewPart. 


      When I tun the code, SolidWorks starts if not already running, a new part is created and the Front Plane is selected, then there is an exception thrown.


      Here is the code:


        FSldWorks :  Variant;
        FSldPart  :  Variant;
        FModDoc2  :  Variant;
        FModDocExt:  Variant;









         FModDocExt.SelectByID('Front Plane','PLANE',0,0,0, false,0, FSldPart);