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    tab activation in feature manager

    Marquis Leblanc

      Hi everyone,


      I need your help on this please ( maybe it's just too obvious, and i'm just overlooking it ... )


      I already have control of the split pane position of the Feature Manager via a macro tied

      to a keyboard shortcut....   and it's working fine since a longtime ago...


      but i never figured out how to have the full control on wich tab is activated...


      Can someone help me on this... ?

      ( i'm using SW2013, macros in VBA )


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          Keith Rice

          Why are you trying to control this with the SolidWorks API in the first place?


          The only way to activate many commands using the API is via ISldWorks::RunCommand. Please see my blog post on that topic.


          You will want to search swCommands_e for keywords related to what you're doing, like "property" or "pane", etc.



          SolidWorks API Tutorials

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              Marquis Leblanc

              ... the goal is ...   when i want it to,  split the feature manager into two panes


              show it  1 / 4,   1 / 2,  3 / 4,  or else...  ( that already works fine ...)


              ...but 90% of the time, i like the two panes to show the

              feature tree on the upper 3/4, and the properties pane ( to show the constraints )

              on the lower 1/4    ....


              BUT,  every once in a while, the lower pane keeps on resuming to show

              the feature tree again ... ( showing the feature tree twice is rarely usefull .. )


              i want to have full control on what each pane shows ...