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    SW08 Tip - Context menu pairing with Shortcut menu

    Gerald Davis
      I have this personal obsession about what should be the difference between LMB and RMB. The left mouse should be action. The right mouse should be options / extras / shortcuts.

      In SW08, there is a gizmo called the Context Menu. It's great! When you LMB on a feature, the Context Menu appears and allows you to quickly select a commonly used action. The result is minimum mouse movement - it is really very efficient.

      By default, the Context Menu also appears when you RMB in order to display a Shortcut Menu. To me, that's a sin; all I should see is the Shortcut, not the Context. To turn this behavior off, just use Tools>Customize (or hit the down arrow next to the Options Icon and select Customize...).

      In the Customize dialog, you'll see a region labeled "Context toolbar settings". Uncheck the option "Show in shortcut menu". With that option turned off, the Context Menu only appears if you LMB.

      Of course, if you're some kind of wierd SW07 lover and don't want any new improvements to your UI, you can also turn off the Context Menu funtionality. (I don't recommend doing that. This is one of those UI improvements that really is an improvement!)

      (Thanks to the iPod for having a podcast that covered this tip!)
        • SW08 Tip - Context menu pairing with Shortcut menu
          Hi Gerald,

          Just a quick Q for you. On my workstation in work I can get dropdown menus on the sketch toolbar. For examplu, I can dropdown the rectangle to get 4 options. How can I set this up on my laptop do you know?

          God bless,

            • SW08 Tip - Context menu pairing with Shortcut menu
              Dan Riffell
              I agree with you, Gerald. There should be separate functionality for the Left and Right mouse buttons. Otherwise, life would be very confusing. Well, more confusing anyway.

              The Context Menu is on the verge of being an excellent enhancement. However, as you mentioned both right and left mouse click get you the same pop-up. It would be nice to be able to customize one or the other...heck, while I'm dreaming why not both?!?

              I've found that this new feature in conjunction with the shortcut key are huge improvements to the clunky old ways of dragging my pointer all over Hell's creation looking for my spline tool. But you know how much I like my keyboard shortcuts.

              See you Thursday at the COSUG meeting.
                • SW08 Tip - Context menu pairing with Shortcut menu
                  Jim Wilkinson
                  Hi Guys,

                  For the record, we implemented the context toolbar to be available on both left select and right select for a couple of reasons:
                  1) It is consistent with how Microsoft has implemented this in Office 2007.
                  2) Think of the context toolbar as the "common" items that you use for a selection. We put the common things there when you do a left select so they are more easily discovered and easier to get to. There are a couple of benefits to having the context toolbar on right select too: a) then the right select menu has EVERYTHING that is possible for the selection (as it always has)...just the common things are at the top in the toolbar form and the less common things are below that in the menu form. b) If you don't want to use the context toolbar on left select, you can turn that option off, but you still get the benefits of the context toolbar on right select.

                  Of course, if you are not a fan of the context toolbar at all, you can just turn it off all together.

                  Customization of both the context toolbar and shortcut menu (other than the hide/show ability in the shortcut menu) is something that we would like to eventually do, but unfortunately, the current implementation cannot easily be made user customizable.