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Break Drawing Model Reference

Question asked by Anthony Patterson on Jan 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by Anthony Patterson

I have a multi page drawing and I am trying to take just one page which details a sub-assembly. In other words I need just this one page and the subassembly/components moved to a separate folder. I was able to pack and go the entire drawing - only selecting the needed subassembly for the pack and go - then delete the pages that are not needed. But the drawing still seems to be "looking" for the rest of the assembly and the other components even though the pages referencing those components are no longer there (I can verify this by looking in solidworks explorer). I've also made sure to delete all of the BOMs that may have been referencing the other views and there are no external references in the needed subassembly. Is there any way to break the references to the old main assembly and components? It's not that big of a deal - I can still accomplish the drawing the way it is. But it would be nice to know for future reference or if perhaps there is a better way to do this.