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How to find the face of a cosmetic thread programmatically?

Question asked by Ijsbrand Schipperus on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2015 by Ijsbrand Schipperus

I have a bit of code that cycles through all features and subfeatures, then finds a cosmetic thread feature. Now I want to color the face of the cosmetic thread (the same face that shows the shaded cosmetic thread), but I can't figure out how.


Right now I think I should get the Edge from ICosmeticThreadFeatureData to select an adjacent face, but it doesn't return an Edge...


Does anyone have the solution for me??


Last part of Code (C#, but if you have the solution in VB it's fine for me too):


// At the start I have a Feature swSubFeat, this is a cosmetic thread (otherwise the code skips this part)


ICosmeticThreadFeatureData FData;

FData = swSubFeat.IGetDefinition();

Edge FEdge;

FEdge = FData.Edge;


I can provide the full code as well.