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refresh Drawing view center position

Question asked by Has Bal on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by Has Bal

I am trying to find outline and center position of a drawing view. I have managed thanks to your help.

When i go further for my purpose to reach.I faced one problem.

My aim is that; first draw a part and draw its drawing and save them.

After, I will change part's outside dimension.

Next, open its drawing and find outline of drawing view and its center position to evaluate and change its position.

You can see in picture.

pic 1 ; 50x50 mm square block

pic 2; 50 x50mm square block drawing view and its position and outlines.


pic 3; changing of square to  rectangular block which outside dimension is 200x50 mm.

pic 4; new block drawing and its position and outline coordinates.


As you can see, when I change dimension of parts its drawing view center position stay same.

It is problem for me . Because when i try to move drawing view to another coordinate ,in picture 5, its center position still act like old position.So I cannot understand its center position. (I know and I can  calculate  from outline point its center coordinate but it produce heavy calculation for future)



Finally , are there anything to refresh its center position?

Pic 11.jpg


pic 33.jpg


pic 55.jpg