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    Draftsight: Diameter symbol now a question mark?

    Simon MacKillop

      Hello all

      I have come up against a problem,  in my dimensions I now get a question mark '?' instead of a diameter symbol 'Ø'.


      I have noticed this appeared about a 2 weeks ago in the previous release of draftsight.  As I already had crashing issues with the previous version, I upgraded to the latest version (now no crashing), but I still have the '?' instead of the 'Ø'.


      I am hoping it is a easy little fix that someone may know.


      Kind regards.


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          Simon MacKillop

          I've answered my own question!


          I have been racking my brain over the last fortnight (hence this post) and as soon as I hit 'post' I just realised that 3 weeks ago I have to change our font in DraftSight to match the one we use in SolidWorks. so when the new font 'Simplex' from the old font 'ARSimp'  I loose the diameter symbol.


          So the next question is:

          How do I use new Simplex font and automatically add the diameter symbol.


          Kind regards

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            Butch Lively

            To enter special characters you may use the formatting codes originally provided with AutoCAD such as;


            %%d = °

            %%c = Ø

            %%p = ±


            Autodesk eventually added support for the *Extended ASCII code with the introduction of Windows versions of AutoCAD.  ASCII characters may be entered by holding down the Alt key while simultaneously keying in the ASCII number on the numeric keypad (Note: You must use the numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard).  The advantage to using ASCII characters is that they are the same in all Windows applications, and they will always display correctly (i.e.. not as %%_) in the onscreen editors.


            Alt+0176 = °

            Alt+0216 = Ø

            Alt+0177 = ±


            To determine the ASCII code for other special characters, go to Windows Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Character Map, select the character, and then look at indicated ASCII code in the lower right hand corner of the utility.


            American Standard Code for Information Interchange. A common numeric code used in computer data communications. The code assigns meaning to 128 numbers,  sing seven bits per character with the eighth bit used for parity checking. Extended versions of ASCII assign meaning to 255 numbers.

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                Simon MacKillop

                Yes you are correct Butch, but only if the font has the correct Unicode placement for the autocad %%c = Ø version.


                I have notice that some fonts don't have the Ø in there characters or it is in a different spot needing a different alt+xxxx


                My problem is that the font I wanted to use did not have the Ø character.


                The problem solved just by changing to a very similar font. for dimension styles