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    Design Tables - Reversing Functionality

    Brant Williams

      Is there any way, other than 3rd Party Storage via the API, to embed an Excel Spreadsheet in a part file and then drive cells on the worksheet from the model?  I know that you can do this to a very limited extent with a design table by using redundant driven dimensions, but this will not allow for all the functionality I need. 


      It seems like it would have been SO easy for the software development team at SW to allow worksheet pages in the embedded design table Excel object to work the other way, and be driven by the model.  This would allow for tremendous  automation of analytical calcs, as well as costing.


      So far, I can find no one who has developed an Add-In to accomplish this, and I am wondering how difficult of an API task this would be.

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          Keith Rice



          You have several options. I cover many of them in my SolidWorks World 2014 presentation, "Using Microsoft Excel With the SolidWorks API", which you can watch by following the instructions here. Solutions 4 & 5 might be of interest. You also have the option of storing the Excel workbook in the design binder. Then, when you need to run your calculations, you'd click a button in SolidWorks (a macro shortcut perhaps) that does the following:


          1. Saves the Excel file to the local disk.

          2. Opens the Excel file, runs calculations, saves Excel file.

          3. Deletes out existing Excel file from Design Binder.

          4. Uploads new Excel file from step #2.


          That is not the easiest solution to implement so perhaps my SWW2014 presentation has something better.


          If you need a professional team to help you implement this, please visit the Services page at my web site for a quote.



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            Kelvin Lamport

            Perhaps I'm missing the obvious here, but the DT is bi-directional. Model dimensions can drive calcs in the DT, and multiple sheets are available.


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                Brant Williams

                Many model properties will not populate from the model to the DT.


                For instance, in a model I have a large number of configurations that differentiate various stages of mfg.  The difference in mass between two configurations represents the amount of material added (welding) or removed (machining) during a mfg op.  The costing functionality in SW for parts that are fabricated from heavy pipe and plate, then machined is poor at best. I want to use configs and an embedded spread sheet to automate costing analysis.  But configuration specific properties like mass wont populate from the model to a DT.


                In other cases, I want to automate the analysis of large machinery anchors.  Similar to the mass property, I need CG data to populate to the DT from the model.